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Burp Me Please! An insanely simple baby gift.

1 cloth diaper
“Burp Me Please!” embroidery design

This is a short post to add to last week’s baby quilt. I always keep cloth baby diapers in my stash. The old kind…like my mom used. They make the most awesome spit up rags for the kiddos. AND – since they are lint-free, dad can use them to wash the car!


I had some left-over flannel quilt binding that was already made up so I used it to quickly bind up the edges of the diaper. No fancy binding tool needed here, just a tuck and sew over method to finish the closure.

One of my favorite embroidery sites is Embroidery Designs. This file was on sale and it’s already the right size for my 5×7 hoop so no resizing required. It was just two colors of thread and finished in about 5 minutes. I did use medium weight tear-away stabilizer because of the very open weave of the diaper.

And in less than 30 minutes, viola’! A cutie homemade baby gift!  Now, even if you don’t have an embroidery machine, these bound diapers still make great baby gifts and just may keep them in the house where they belong and not out in the garage.  And pssst, it’s just another great idea to support you getting your own embroidery machine right?
WP_20150910_05_29_51_Pro (2)


Super Stash-Busting Baby Quilt

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope your beer is cold and the grill is hot!

A male coworker that Keith and I have known for over 10 years has just been smacked by Karma straight in the face! Last week his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. His first child was a boy and now everyone who knew this gent when he was single is having a great laugh that God is going to make him suffer to see what all those fathers went through when he was running loose. That said, what better excuse to make a quilt right?

I had actually started this quilt a couple of years ago when my dad was in the hospital. I drug my rolling sewing machine caddy, fabric and all, into his hospital room and made piles of lights, darks, and whites on his bed.  I knew I’d be there for several hours that day so I set up shop using his bedside table for my machine. He got such a kick handing me the squares I needed to put the blocks together. It was a very comforting memory as I stitched this up and it made me smile.  I can’t believe he’s already been gone over a year and it warms my heart that a man who recently passed had a hand in making this quilt for a new little life.

I used 2.5” strips from Windham’s Basics Pastels that I had grabbed from a Missouri Star Quilt Company daily deal some time ago.Windham Basic Pastels

I also had some pink yardage in my stash I used for sashing. One of the unique features of this quilt is that I had to piece the batting. If you’ve never done that, it’s a fairly simple process that makes you feel like a quilting super hero by using up those scraps. I begin by steam ironing the pieces to flatten them out and then trim the edges to even up the sides and create a straight stitching seam.WP_20150904_08_52_38_Pro

Most modern machines have a Joining Stitch.  If you can’t find it or have an older machine, you can use a large, wide zigzag stitch.  To begin, place both pieces side-by-side with no overlap under the presser foot with the seam just a hair to the right of the center mark on the foot. I recommend testing this with scraps first to determine where the join will be on your machine before doing this on the actually batting to be used in a quilt.WP_20150904_08_42_45_Pro This completed batting is actually 4 pieces. Perfect!WP_20150904_09_05_28_Pro

I got all high-tech and used dinner and salad plates to create the quilting pattern. I used a Frixion pen to draw the design and it disappears within a split second of hitting it with an iron.WP_20150905_08_25_48_Pro Then I ran a decorative wavy stitch through the center of the sashing.WP_20150905_10_53_34_Pro

This project was a real stash-buster by using up fabric I had on hand for the blocks and sashing, I created the batting from scraps and I had the cuddle bubble for the backing from some Quillow project I made for Keith’s granddaughter about 4 years ago. What could make this the Ultimate Stash-Busting Quilt? Why using left-over binding from my granddaughter’s nursery of course! And get this, I had just enough of the strips already pieced together! Yay!

I sewed the 2.5” strips to the front, pinned the back side just over the seam line and then stitched-in-the-ditch on the front using my blind hem foot. Finished!WP_20150905_11_36_34_Pro I’m pretty happy with how this turned out and I’m proud to give it to the new baby girl. I think I might machine embroider her initials on the corner. I hope this quilt is well loved and she drags it around everywhere until it falls apart.WP_20150905_11_59_15_Pro