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We’re opening a business!  This is serious stuff ya’ll.  My dad and step mom bought 2.5 acres about a mile from a ginormous high school back in the 90’s…even before Steele HS was there in fact.  And since then, the surrounding area has grown by leaps and bounds with rooftops everywhere that used to be grazing pastures.  Dad passed in ’14 and in ’16 mom realized she couldn’t keep up with the house and land any longer by herself.  We purchased the property from her and happily she now lives about a mile from us (as the crow flies).  There is still a doublewide on the property and finally we have some good tenants in there.  Even back when I first met my husband, I told him I’d always dreamed of opening an RV and boat storage on the back of the property.  Once we bought the property, that’s exactly what we’ve done!  Welcome to Short While Storage, LLC.  🙂


It’s not much to look at now, but that’s about $25,000 worth of 7′ high commercial grade chain link fence with a 24′ wide automatic gate.  There will eventually be 45 covered RV stalls with open storage across the back.  We’re planning to open our doors on April 1st, 2018!  Contracts are in the works for construction. Here’s what our retirement plan will look like.


Yes, this is a sewing blog so let’s chat about sewing.  I finished the mountain man and a row of “Legendary” by Elizabeth Hartman and hope to finish the entire top this week.  All trees are complete and I just need to add the sashing and get it all together.


I bought a coordinating backing and put a top I finished in early ’17 on the longarm.  It’s coming along nicely.


I made a top from a Craftsy Class by Meg McElwee – Sewing with Knits, 5 Wardrobe Essentials.


I’m making another top from the same pattern but with long sleeves.  Yesterday I saw this video from Angela Wolf on how to make thumb cuffs/hand warmers so I whipped those up from the same fabric and I’ll add those to the sleeves.  I’ll be needing them tonight at our friend’s Superbowl party.  We’re usually outside the entire time.


I wore that light gray top to a meeting I had at the Pentagon in Washington DC last week.  It worked perfectly with the blazer.  It’s not in this photo but I think the pic is pretty cool so I wanted to show it to you.  🙂  I wanted to share my philosophy of “Now why can’t we all just get along?” with the powers-that-be at the Pentagon but they wouldn’t let me down that hallway.  LOL


I went up a day early to sight see in our nation’s capital.  Loved every freezing windy moment of it!  The State of the Union was going to be televised that night so security was pretty tight.


I finished a beanie for my son who lives in Colorado Springs.  We’re all cursed with larger than normal heads so I had to enlarge a pattern 140% from a Craftsy class I got for sewing with fleece.  That’s $25 a yard PolarTec 100% wind-proof something or other and I’ll sew it into a PolarTec 200 fleece shell.  Then it ‘s off in the mail.  I should get this to him next week.


I also finished an embroidered towel for a couple in our camping crew.  I did two others last December but didn’t get pics and have already delivered them.


I also completed one row of my brother-in-law’s t-shirt quilt and stabilized and cut out all the cornerstones from logos off the sleeves. I should be able to finish it up this month or next.  My frame isn’t large enough for a king size so my friend Lisa is going to let me quilt it on her longarm.


That’s it for now.  I need to get out into the sweat shop and work on that long sleeved T for tonight.  Adios!

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  1. Busy Lady – did not know you worked for the wonderful Fed’s. You aren’t nuts yet? LOL Do you work at Randolph? Like the way the T-Shirt quilt is coming along! Have a good time at the Super Bowl Party – Nice storage area for RV’s.

    • Hi! Yes I work at Randolph and Keith is at Lackland (what was Kelly back in the day). And yes, we’re nuts! Can’t wait for “retirement”! Thanks! It really is coming along nicely. It’s all the prep work to back those knit shirts that takes all the time.

  2. I like the web site for the storage! I guess I did not realize that you and hubby were both retired Military! Thx for your service! Guess you both work for the Feds in Civilian jobs! I dream about still working and I do miss it at times. But age catches us and we move on to life just having fun and spending money!

    • And thank you for yours! Keith was a C-130 Loadmaster and did just over 22 and I was Medical Admin for 20 years & 0 days. We both got into Comm as civilians (long and winding route there!) and that seems to be good job security these days. 🙂

  3. sewchet says:

    Ooh, exciting times ahead – good luck! The T-shirt quilt top is looking fine indeed:)

  4. Wow! You are one busy lady. I love those hand warmers…I’d live in them around here, even indoors (It gets pretty chilly near the kitchen windows) The T-shirt quilt will be a wonderful present – full of memories. It will be treasured for years to come. And congrats on the new business!

  5. frammajoy says:

    My goodness, Becky! How is it I never realized you have your own blog. I’ve never noticed or realized it until I clicked on the link at FB. Would you believe that Jerry and I own 60 Boat and RV storage units? It is called Affordable Boat and RV Storage.
    Look forward to checking out all the goodies here that I have missed. Back to the olympics for now.
    Hugs, Joy

    • Really? Oh, I’d love to pick your brain, or lightening fast mind as you call it! I’ve never run a business and you are a pro. We just learned that a large storage lot 3 miles away is closing on 30 June. She is referring her customers to me.

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