Completed Quilt Top #Legendary by Elizabeth Hartman

F-i-n-e-a-l-l-y I finished the top for Legendary by Elizabeth Hartman.  I just love her quilt patterns.  The designs are clean and fun with a touch of whimsy and just make me happy.  I could do nothing but make her quilts from her on out and be completely happy.


I especially love Flamingos and I have the pattern but not the fabric…yet.  However, I’ve got a lot of irons in the quilt fire pit so I’m holding off on buying the fabric.  So many irons in fact, that I’m out of space and must force myself to finish some and get them out of my life before I can take on any others.  My poor sweat shop is overflowing to the point of the clutter stressing me out.  I hate that.  Clean surfaces and quilting are a contradiction in terms.  I love them both so I have to get busy.

I picked up Legendary as a kit at a quilt store in Denver last August when I went to see my son & his family.  He’s got a sticker of the Mountain Man on the back window of his SUV so I thought he’d like it.  I was right and he’s anxiously waiting for me to finish it up.  Tomorrow I will hit up my fave quilt store for 4.5 yards of backing.   I already have the binding as part of the kit.


The Alpha-bitties came in handy to keep all the tree branches organized.


Of course the most fun was the Mountain Man.  He was not paper-pieced at all but instead had odd wonky sewn angles for his hands and head.


This entire quilt top finishes out at 71″ x 60″.  Once I get the backing the next step is to put it on the longarm.  I want it finished this week.


Next WIP projects:

  1. My BIL’s t-shirt quilt.  Needs outer border, ruler work in sashing/borders, & bound.
  2. Ocean Friends.  Applique quilt with a ton of work left.
  3. Corner of 5th and Fun.  Easy panel quilt with pinwheel blocks.
  4. Dinosaur applique quilt from Shiny Happy World.
  5. Woodland Critters from Shiny Happy World.

What’s in your queue?



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  1. Great Post! I am so organized that I am stressing over my list of to do’s! LOL. I have taken a few days away from quilting. Hopefully tomorrow after a few calls I can finish my I Love Texas quilt that I am changing the original design on! Enjoy! Cute quilt and you did a good job. Love the Alphabet stickers

    • Thanks Nan. I’m very organized and my cutting and sewing tables are clean at all times. It truly takes discipline to put things away at the end of the day. But I have SO many WIP projects – I only listed a few. I love kits and I have them from years ago just sitting…So they’re not truly WIP’s yet and certainly not UFOs. I don’t feel any guilt, so that’s good, but I just want to not have so many WIPs at any given time.
      Looking forward to your I Love Texas quilt!

    • Hey, how would you quilt this? I looked for mountain tops in a digital format but couldn’t find any. I thought about straight line vertical quilting so as not to take away from the simplicity of the pattern. What do you think?

  2. Something with texture would be good, kind of like the underbrush. I saw that one lady used a design called “ebb and flow”.

    • Done! I purchased Ebb & Flow and will do it today. A lady at my quilt shop suggested I do some thread painting on my domestic on the Mountain Man so it looks like fur. I think that’s a fabulous idea so this will be my first attempt at creating a square in a square with the Butler so the panto skips that area. Not sure how to do that on a single row. Hmmmm. I’ll have to do some research on that. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. sewchet says:

    Fabulous quilt top – no wonder he’s impatient to have it finished!

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