Save the Date! Allbrands Live on July 8, 2021 3:30pm CST

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Paula Releford says:

    Looking forward to seeing you as always! You are fun, creative and share your knowledge in an easy to understand format with a bit of humor and real personality.

  2. Patricia Startz says:

    Can’t wait! Your videos and work are always so helpful!

  3. Ann Wilson says:

    I’ve learned so much by watching your demonstrations. You explain step by step and I loved the Red, White and Bloom wall quilt and continuous quilting. I’ve ordered Bench kits from Kimberbell and downloaded quilt patterns. I’ve tried for years to do free motion quilting and it’s rubbish and my quilt tops are building up. Thank you.

    Ann Wilson (England)

  4. Donna says:

    Looking forward to July 8th. Becky, do you still need Simply Appliqué when you have Embrilliance Stitch Artist? I could really use it right now but I don’t want to buy it if I’m going to buy Stitch Artist one of these days.

  5. fran renzi says:

    Becky love your .can’t wait to july8th happy 4th of july I almost was a 4th baby but i guess I was anxious and I was early the 3rd .guess I wanted celebrate for 2 days and have .thanks Becky God Bless America .thanks

  6. Jan Orr says:

    Oh dam. This event starts half an hour into a live virtual event by Embrilliance. I really want to watch the Embrilliance event as I’m thinking about buying Essentials after watching you use it (have already purchased Thumbnailer after watching you). Will your event be recorded so that I can watch it later? Love all your videos Becky and I’m working my way through all of them on YouTube.

    • No worries! Yes, there will be a link to watch later and I’ll post it here and in our FB group. Would you mind using my link if you purchase Embrilliance? Unless they are having a fabulous sale using theirs which I totally understand. I know you’re going to love this software!

      • Jan Orr says:

        Hi thanks for your response. I used your link when I brought Thumbnailer so yes of course I will. Think Embrilliance are offering 10% off so not great. Xx

  7. Julie Jackson says:

    Hi Becky, First I just want to tell you that I have learned so much from you and your videos. You speak about Simply Applique so much that I finally thought that I should buy it for myself. So I did, from Allbrands. I use a MacBook and didn’t realize that Simply Applique only works with windows. My fault for not checking it I guess but now I can’t use it and Allbrands won’t take it back. I was so looking forward to using it. I also use Embrillance and love it. I Just wanted to let you know that it may be a good idea to mention it maybe. I realize that I should have been more careful in looking at everything. I just never thought that a program like that would only work on one platform. I have thought about trying to sell it, but not sure if I can do that. Any advice would help.

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