Merry & Bright Sew Along

Listed below is everything you need to sew along with me for the Merry & Bright tiling scene. The fabric listed is different from when the sew along originally began because the Riley Blake fabric sold out. So I chose a Moda Bella Solid Black that will work perfectly as well.

In an effort to streamline the threads used in the Merry & Bright Tiling Scene by Shannon Roberts from Scissor Tail Stitches, I spent some time using the Find feature (Ctrl F) on the pdf document that serves as the instructions. I’m stitching the scene using the Gold & White Thread Kit and searched each of the thread colors to get a full total, and discovered that some of them are used also in the other colorway for Christmas Colors so I didn’t capture those numbers in my chart. The document below is very handy for multi-needle users and can also be used by single-needle users as a way to document which tiles have been completed and what order to put the spools on a thread tree if you’re using one. I’m sorry, but I haven’t done this for the Christmas Colors however, I also have uploaded a blank chart below. I can’t upload active Excel spreadsheets to this blog so a .pdf will have to do. Sorry about that.

My goal was to minimize thread changes. By doing the search, I figured out which tiles to stitch first that used the most common thread colors. The colors that only showed up in a couple of the tiles became apparent in the bottom of the list and I decided to stitch those tiles last, specifically 14-15.

So here is my chart. Those tiles in Yellow were stitched last as all the ones in green used the majority of thread colors that I had on the machine.

NOTES: 1) Color 176 Fog is not found in the Isacord thread library on my PR1055 or my Luminaire. I told the machine it was using 131 and made sure to put 176 on that spool. 2) The alpha-numeric spool colors of the metallics are transposed to numeric only in the instructions and neither of those color designations are found on the machines. I programmed the machine with the color numbers in parenthesis. 3) If you use Embrilliance and tell the software that you’re using color 731, somewhere between the laptop and the machine, the color changes to 721. 4) Even if you anchor your colors in the machine, once the pattern is loaded, it can get wonky so double check the spools against the required colors. It may have been my error, but I wasn’t able to get it right…ever. I had to manually assign the spools for each tile even if the correct color showed properly on the screen.

This document became invaluable to me and I hope you find it useful as well.

Here’s everything you need to make this with me. Enjoy!







OESD FUSIBLE WOVEN IN BLACK: (only need one roll)

OESD POLY MESH IN BLACK: (only need one roll)

FABRIC KIT [4 Yards] (Front, Backing, Binding):


1/4″ STEAM-A-SEAM2: (You will NEED this!)


Power Tools With Thread

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  1. Patrica Dowell says:

    Thank you Becky for all you do to make our sewing and embroidery experience happy and productive. I’ve already started my blocks and I’m loving how they are turning out!

  2. What happened to the u tube class on Merry and Bright?

  3. PATTY COULTER says:

    how do I order the Merry & Bright pattern?

  4. Gail Pickering says:

    Did you change out to a special needle for the metallic thread? Mine keeps nesting in the machine and broke a needle.

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