#SEWHAPPYSAL Block 1 – Star Block

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Mary Ann Hebert says:

    That will be great , I need to the alphabet book of Lori’s

  2. Michelle Moore says:

    I have mine cut out, and plan to work on it while at quilt retreat next week.

  3. Bertha Clark says:

    I like your idea of vertical versus horizontal, I think it would look great.

  4. Carol Bax says:

    Becky, are you going to be out “leader” and show us how you use the Scan n cut on Lori ‘s shapes?? I like your idea of a vertical sign. It would go great on the door to my sewing room. Interested in how you do this.😊

  5. assetdesigns says:

    I was thinking of the vertical way also looking forward to see what you create

  6. Earlene Flint says:

    Love this project! Would you explain again marking your squares from corner to corner. I know one is smaller than the other but can’t remember how you deal with that.

    • Sure! Place your ruler diagonally on the wrong side of the fabric and mark your line as usual. But before you remove your ruler, make a little mark on the triangle piece of fabric that is not under the ruler – the part you can see and mark on. This identifies this half of the fabric as the smaller half. When you position your square to sew, make sure that smaller half is positioned so that’s the piece that will be cut off (it should be toward the outside corner vs. the middle of the background fabric). Sew on the line. Before you cut, fold the larger half over so that all outside edges meet and you can be sure that everything fits. Then trim off that smaller half and the background fabric. Hope this helps!

  7. Deb Champion says:

    Becky…thank you so very much for the vertical vs horizontal orientation suggestion! I wasn’t going to make this because I had no place to hang it. Doing it vertically makes a huge difference! I’m all in now! This is the first time I’ve heard of marking a “landing strip”. I kind of get what you’re doing by looking at the pic but do you have a detailed video showing how to do it? I’m sure it will make a big difference in not cutting off points, Thanks so much. Deb

  8. Nancy J Louderback says:

    Good Morning Becky I am trying to follow along with you on Kimerbells Table Toppers and need some help I have my snowman on USB drive it comes up on the Scan n Cut screen but I can not get the pieces to move separately. My design wants to move all the pieces t the same time. What am I doing wrong? I love your video and have learned alot from them.

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