Retraction for the Chicken Salad Pattern Change 1

Well, Betty and I were both fooled and it seems the pattern was correct all along. Prudence uses two M16 pieces: one in red for her wing and one in pewter for her tail. The lady who pointed it out to me initially quickly emailed me to let me know she was mistaken, and even though I looked and thought she was initially correct, I missed the little legs that are needed on M27 as well. Legs are kind of important…right?

So I’ve deleted the Change post and updated the spreadsheet again in the original post to indicate what those pieces are for.

Live and learn. Thanks for your patience. Here’s an updated spreadsheet.

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Kathryne Bayle says:

    Hang in there, Becky! Your are awesome!!

  2. Liz Brittle says:

    you are still AMAZING!!!

  3. Sallie Mason says:

    Hello Becky, I love your videos. I am working on the chicken salad quilt. I was wondering how you did the names on the blocks. What font did you use?

  4. Cynthia Fox says:

    Hi Becky…love your videos….I’ve been following the Chicks and was so delighted to see how you digitized and really to me simplified the sewing of the blocks. So I got ready to do as you instructed and my ScanNCut won’t connect to the wifi (it worked 3 weeks ago). Go figure..anyway, will put on USB for now. I was looking for a Video on how to set up wifi with ScanNCut. I tried using the instructions and still having problems….do you happen to have a video? PS my router and wifi work for everything else..Go figure.

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