Which ScanNCut Should I Buy?

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Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Patricia Beyer says:

    Thank you and especially for the series on Simply applique. Easy to save the infor on my computer

  2. Mary Esser says:

    Thank you for your email on the scan n cut. Very helpful.

  3. Jd says:

    Thanks Becky for this very informative email. I look forward to using my SNC with your inspiration and the helpful tips you have supplied.

  4. Marilyn Morgan says:

    Very well done! Concise information anyone can access quickly. I’m using the ole CM650W with Simply Appliqué and love love love using this combo.

  5. Carolyn Spottsville says:

    This article was absolutely phenomenal! I have an old CM 550 model and was always curious if I could use those mats with the newer machines. Thanks for all the information!

  6. lindaginnv says:

    This article and the attached videos are a great introduction to this whole SNC process. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all you do.

  7. Shannon Childs says:

    Such great information thank you for that!

    My question is more about software. Mainly, BES4 or Simply Appliqué. I know you use both but would love to know your thoughts on both.

  8. Pamela C Stewart says:

    Thank you Becky for your very informative info for scan n cut machines. I purchased a SDX325 and it arrived a few days ago. Now to learn the Canvas workshop and Simply Applique. by rewatching your excellent videos. This will add an additional service to our longarm quilt business.

  9. Margaret May says:

    I love your tutorials. Is the Scan N Cut able to cut a mylar applique template to use with hand applique? I need to cut several templates from a paper quilt pattern.

  10. Terri Carrozza says:

    Hi, Thank you Becky for the great explanations and comparisons! I am leaning towards a 125E because I can’t find the 225 anywhere, However, on one site I visited it mentioned you could add a seam allowance isn 1/4″ measurements using the SDX325. Is that only true for that machine?

  11. Marcheta says:

    Thank you

  12. Susanne Wilburn says:

    Thank You for this information. It clarified a lot for me. Your always so helpful and I appreciate you.

  13. Sheri says:

    Great info. I’m a newbe and still researching. Now I’m a bit confused. I thought the whole point to purchase S&C was no fee software needed (Canvas Workspace). Are you saying that software like Embrilliance is needed to convert additional software needed like Simply Applique? I thought you could scan anything and turn it into an applique or embroidery design with Canvas Workspace? So is CW is just design center but without $400 in additional software to read the info in the design center one will not be able to cut, embroider, etc?

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