A Cross Stitch Giveaway! Thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop! #FQS #AutumnLove #LoriHolt

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Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Peggy Sego says:

    Love fall colors. Enjoy your YouTube videos also.

  2. Katia Rios says:

    Thank you for all the great tips!

  3. Jodi Cowan says:

    I love cross stitching in my spare time during the summer.

  4. Linda Cepeck says:

    Have been watching FQS videos on how to cross stitch. What a lovely set to learn on!
    I binge watch PTWT all the time. Learn so much. Thank you.

  5. Carolyn Spottsville says:

    There is a quilt pattern for Autumn Love on Beeinmybonnet blog from Lori Holt. Fabric requirements can be downloaded from the Riley Blake website. 😉

  6. Jeff Horn says:

    Thanks for all you do. Love Lori Holt and would enjoy anything she has put out. I have watched every video you have put out. Keep up the great work

  7. Wendy says:

    I love cross stitch!. I also like to do embroidery by hand and machine. Enjoy your videos whenever I can. Any tips and info I get from them is appreciated. Thank you!

  8. Sharon says:

    I love both quilting and cross stitch. This Lori Holt cross stitch kit is really nice.

  9. Olivia says:

    I crosstitch while sitting on our front porch on a cool evening. Would love to win this, it would be perfect!

  10. Pam Benham says:

    I love quilting but want to learn cross stitch too. What a great way to start!

  11. Gail Hencke says:

    I love cross stitch and quilting and would love to win this kit. Lori Holt is an awesome designer!

  12. Carol Bucher says:

    I would love to win the cross stitch pattern. I love quilting also but am having back surgery so that will limit my quilting for a while but not my cross stitching. It will give me something to do while I am slowed down waiting to heal. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win something like this.

  13. Betty Kavalski says:

    Wow! How nice. I would love to win.

  14. Teresa says:

    Ah, you have done it again! An enabler for my quirky love of all things textile! Thank you for this opportunity. PTWT ROCK ON!

  15. Juliana Menner says:

    I enjoy all of your videos. Crosstitch is one of favorite hobbies,. Thank you

  16. Tessa Thomas says:

    I always taught to myself also that this pattern would be a nice quilt. I think there are patterns in the Farm Girl book maybe we could get creative
    PS. I have a US shipping account.

  17. Carol George says:

    Thankyou for all the wonderful things you teach us and I love Lori Holt you are both fantastic ❤️
    P S I also have a US postal address.

  18. Amy Barta says:

    I am a recent convert to cross stitch. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win this cute pattern. Lori Holt never disappoints. 😊

  19. Ann says:

    There is a full size autumn love quilt pattern by Lori Holt. Just go to her website and it is a free pattern but you have to pay for the plastic guides for the appliqué! One of the first quilt kits I ever bought. I fell in love with the house scarecrow and flowers.

  20. Cyndy Gaastra says:

    I love these patterns. I like your quilt panel idea.

  21. Jasmine says:

    I love all your videos, love quilting and machine embroidery and just beginning to try my hand at cross stitching. I love Lori Holt and FQS and of course PTWT! Thanks so much for the opportunity, you are always so very generous!

  22. Valerie says:

    The Autumn Love cross stitch is my favorite one. I would love to get back into doing cross stitch with this pattern. Love watching your YouTube videos.

  23. James Armstrong says:

    Enjoy your videos and would enjoy getting back into cross-stiching.

  24. Erin Martin says:

    I just started cross stitching last year and have learned so much by watching Kimberly’s FQS Floss Tube channel. Would love to tackle a large project like Autumn Love. I am also so appreciative of all you do Becky to help educate us new quilters and machine embroiderers. Thanks so much for all you do!

  25. Michelle B says:

    Love the Autumn cross stitch by Lori Holt.

  26. Sara Vardeman says:

    I love everything Lori Holt and would love to cross stitch this using her Autumn pattern! Have just started cross stitching again after a 30 year break! I am also new to quilting and embroidery and so enjoy all of your videos! I learn new things from you with every video!

  27. Carolyn Knight says:

    I really love Lori holt and this give away. Hope to hear from you soon!

  28. Pam Currier says:

    I am like many others, Lori Holt designs are a favorite!

  29. Donna Vunderink says:

    I love Lori Holt patterns and Autumn Love looks especially fun to stitch,

  30. Lizzi Brittle says:

    Becky, I love your videos, your tutorials, your teaching approach and especially your ability to make it feel as if I were in your living room (er, rather sewing room?), having tea and crumpets and chatting away. thank you for all you have to do to make these videos so great and so professional. It is so evident that you spend a lot of time and thought and effort. You are amazing!!! ***** five stars and more. (PS: I am GMA B)

  31. Cathy Palmer says:

    Love watching your videos Becky! I enjoy doing cross stitching,and quilting.

  32. sharon crowe says:

    Love watching your video tutorials!! You do a great job!

  33. Sharon Pickle says:

    Thank you for all the information you share on your videos. They are always an inspiration!!

  34. Ingrid Tinsley says:

    Thanks Becky 😊
    I really like this Lori Holt cross stich pattern, Autumn is my favorite season.

  35. TAMERA NEWGER says:

    Thank you for all your great videos and giveaways

  36. Susan Shaffer says:

    Would love to win Lori Holt’s cross stitch bundle for my future daughter-in-law. Unfortunately the raffle copter says the giveaway has already ended. Today is Oct 6… not 7th.

  37. Beckie Caughman says:

    Hey Becky, its 10/6 at 7:53 and it says the give away has already ended but the rules say it goes through tomorrow at 5pm.

  38. Bernadette Kanas says:

    I so enjoy all of videos and tips and tricks! Keep them coming.


    Hi Becky, the giveaway says open until October 7. It is the 6th at 10:18pm. Love watching your videos and all your tips and tricks. Got my SNC but afraid to use it. Must watch more of your videos.

  40. Kathy Clayton says:

    Hi Becky, the giveaway says open until 10/7 and this is 10/6 at 9:45 pm CST but the little box said the giveaway is closed????? I love doing cross stitch. It was my little bit of sanity when my girls were little. I would put them down for a nap and have a little snack and some stitching. I still enjoy it so much. The final stitched design always turns out more beautiful than the picture! Would really enjoy stitching this one! Thanks for all you do! Your videos are an inspiration!

  41. Michelle Myers says:

    Hi Becky, I tried to enter the giveaway at 10:00 pm CST on 10/6/22 but it’s saying the giveaway is closed. The giveaway states it closes at 5pm CST on 10/7/22! I would really like to enter because I love everything Lori Holt! I’m getting ready to start the Support Group QAL & SAL!
    I also wish I lived closer to TX because I would definitely be coming to see you at the quilt festival!

  42. Christie Schepers says:

    Tried entering the giveaway but it said it was closed. I thought it didn’t close until tomorrow. Kinda bummed, I really like this pattern!

  43. Michelle Lavelle says:

    Would love to enter but it said it was closed. It is currently 6 an mdt on 10/7/22 and your description says open till 5pm cst 10/7/22. Love your channel your encouragement and stretching yourself has given me the ability to try fail and try again. Thank you!

  44. Carrie Graziano says:

    Love your youtube channel and would love the FQS autumn giveaway (hoping the “closed” note is an error as it’s not yet 5pm on Oct 7.) I learn sew much with each of your videos! Thank you!

  45. I would love to win the Lori Holt Stitch Cards “N” and Autumn Love Cross-Stitch bundle. I have the Autumn Love Sew Simple Shapes; I just need to find the pattern Lori put out with the Autumn Love Quilt Kit. I just love when they have a quilt kit & cross-stitch pattern/kit with matching designs. I also love everything Lori Holt. She’s my most favorite designer.

    I’m just starting Lori Holt & Fat Quater Shops Support Group QAL & SAL. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out with the embroidery you plan to stitch on it. I am hoping it will give me the confidence to try embroidering on my quilt tops.

    Thank you so much for all the great video chats and tutorials. I’ve learned so much from watching you.

  46. Colleen Weirich says:

    Hi Becky, I watch your YouTube videos all the time! I don’t have an embroidery machine but I did purchase a Scanncut SDX325F. Today is the 7th and tried to enter the cross stitch giveaway, had difficulty with the comment section. We are from Ohio, I am in San Antonio TX this week with my Daughter and her family to be here at Lackland AFB for their first son’s, our Grandson, Basic Training Coin Presentation and Graduation! He is now on his way to Technical Training at Sheppard AFB. Bittersweet visit, but very proud of him.

  47. Susan Shaffer says:

    Thanks for reopening the giveaway! I’d love to win.

  48. Candy S Newman says:

    What a pretty pattern and the colors, oh my! Would love to win! Really enjoyed the video, please know you inspire us to keep pressing on and try new things. Thank you so much.

  49. Chris Markulin says:

    Love the new shirts- ESPECIALLY the v-neck.

  50. Bonita Harms says:

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year. We are expecting a killing frost this evening, so the leaves will be turning colors in a hurry. Maples are bright dark red with yellow and orange of oak trees. Southwest Wisconsin is just amazing beautiful this time of year. Love the needleminder and use them in my counted cross stitch projects.

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