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Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Brenda Perry says:

    What a great way to do binding quickly. No more worry of touching the fingers with the iron. I would love to win this. Thanks for your great videos.

  2. Raquel Barnes says:

    Wow, looks very useful

  3. Ramona Couch says:

    Wow that looks easy. I have had a stroke and can only control my non affected hand. Could be a game changer for me. Love your tutorials.

  4. Joan McFadyen says:

    Great way to do binding, this mat sure will keep fingers away from a hot iron! 😊

  5. Patsy Bolden says:

    Totally hoping I will win it, but will be getting one either way! Lol

  6. Pamela Nesler says:

    That really looks like a tool that I’d use for every binding I would make in the future, it links like a must have!

  7. Wendy White says:

    Love the ease of pulling the binding through with a precise ironed fold. Winner, winner.

  8. Joan Newcomer says:

    What an ideal tool! Love it! You are awesome Becky!

  9. Martha says:

    Yes this is for me!

  10. Barbara Thomas says:

    What a clever idea to make getting the binding ready for sewing onto your project!

  11. Lark Michiele Broshears says:

    What a fabulous tool – I need one!

  12. Becky Blackburn says:

    I may have entered under the wrong email. I’ve entered the correct email now.

  13. JoPat Frechette says:

    Thanks. I love it

  14. Priscilla Lancaster says:

    This looks like a great tool. Time saver. Would love to win!

  15. Priscilla Lancaster says:

    Great tool

  16. Sandra Christiansen says:

    Love the tool. Would love to enter for it

  17. Cindy Sullivan says:

    What a cool tool! Thanks for sharing another great item to make quilting easier!

  18. Love the color of the binding eaze mat. Would look great in my sewing room.
    Looks so easy to use. Thank You for sharing it with all of us.

  19. Patti Schafer says:

    This looks like an amazing tool. I’d love to have it in my tool arsenal. Thanks Becky

  20. Kathy Sanderson says:

    This would be the tool in my top 10 to have!

  21. Linda Walsh says:

    Ohh I want one

  22. Charlotte Sayles says:

    I wonder if this would ease my fear of doing bindings…..

  23. Mary Provost says:

    That’s Easy!

  24. Cheryl E Hutchinson says:

    that looks like a must have for binding. Looks so easy.

  25. Ann Holleman says:

    I like any tool that makes sewing easier. I would love to win.

  26. Debbie Mallicoat-Dover says:

    What a nifty tool! Would be a great addition to my studio.

  27. Terry says:

    On my must have list! Awesome!

  28. Lucille Castonguay says:

    Looks so practical. Will ck stores. Thanks for the video.

  29. Deb Meservier says:

    This is better then sliced bread! No more burning my fingers.

  30. Janet Malwitz says:

    This looks awesome. Would love to win one. Thanks for showing us about it.

  31. Vicki Boehm says:

    Look like a great addition to a sewing room. Thanks for the video.

  32. Kathy Clayton says:

    Great tool. No more burning my fingers when making binding again!

  33. Cheryl Seal says:

    The right notions make every job easier and this looks like it will make pressing binding much quicker.

  34. Teresa Vicars says:

    Wow!!! That’s awesome. Such a cool tool for binding. Yayyyy!!!

  35. Kit B says:

    Fabulous! I’m pretty sure I need that 🙂

  36. Cynthia A King says:

    That is so cool! What a quick and easy way to do binding without burning my fingers.

  37. Caryn Gomes says:

    Looks like it would be a time saver

  38. Dot Weltz says:

    Awesome tool! Love your You Tubes.

  39. DiAnn Roberts says:

    Great idea for binding.

  40. Kathy Gerhart says:

    This is a game changer for doing binding. Love your YouTube video.

  41. Debbie Zumbehl says:

    Looks like a great time saver.

  42. GiGi says:

    Thank you for sharing. It looks “seamless”.

  43. Terry Crawford says:

    Looks like it makes binding easy to do

  44. Pam Sullaway says:

    I am very impressed with this tool. I have so many bindings to make and this would help a lot. Thank you for the video and showing how easy it is to use.

  45. Paula Johnson says:

    The silicone mat is a neat tool for the bindings and I’d love to be the lucky winner.

  46. Chelle Lavelle says:

    I always feel I need a third hand when I make binding.

  47. Pam Hutchinson says:

    That mat looks like making binding will be a breeze.

  48. Charlotte De Ramus says:

    I am new to You Tube and my favorite videos to watch are yours. I just joined your blog and have registered to win the silicone binding mat. I am going to the Houston Quilt Festival and am hoping that I will be able to meet you.

  49. Karen Jordan says:

    Wow! Thank you Becky for finding us the most awesome tools!

  50. Stephanie says:

    What a nifty little tool! How exciting to be able to speed up the binding making process! I would love to win that!

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