The Creative Fraud

My name is Becky Thompson and I’ve been married to my amazing husband Keith since 2001.  The only things I sewed for the first 20 years of my adult life were patches on my US Air Force military uniforms and a home dec project here and there.


My passion for stitching began watching my mother sew most of my childhood clothing.  She was a garment seamstress and did not quilt.  She used to say, “Well how many blankets can one person use anyway?”  Today, that’s blasphemy to my ears!  Here is my mom, dad, and me.


I crave the ability to create and that doesn’t come easy for me.  Unlike my left-handed mom who kept all the artsy-fartsy genes for herself (the Creative Hog) I am unable to create something from nothing.  I cannot “wing it”, I don’t get “visions”, and I don’t “feel” creativity.  It’s just not in my make-up – I’m not wired like that. I wish I was, and I try like crazy, but I even had a lady come over in 2006 when we moved into our current home to arrange the furniture and decorate.  Today, everything is as she left it.  I mean I did 20 years in the US Air Force myself so I wouldn’t have to choose my outfits.  Seriously.  When I did have to buy civilian clothes, I’d find something at Macy’s or Dillard’s I liked on a mannequin and buy the entire ensemble down to the shoes.  I figured somebody got paid to put that together so…boom.  Also, I can copy like a mad fool.  So basically, I’m a Creative Fraud.

Now, when I copy most of the time I don’t need a pattern.  I can take a photo and dissect the pattern in my head.  It’s more analytical than mathematical.  I’m REALLY bad at math – which drives me absolutely insane when I quilt…which is total math.  (Measure twice – or maybe three times, and cut once).  I make mistakes like it’s my job, and I’m a bit manic or maybe I just get bored easily, so I love having multiple projects going at any given time.  It’s not unusual for me to be sewing something with the embroidery machine humming along behind me and 5-6 quilting projects waiting in the queue.  One of my favorite things in the whole world is to spend hours in a quilt or fabric store.  I used to joke that my local Hancock’s should have given me my own parking space!  I tried like crazy to keep them in business…I really did.

I work full time outside the home sitting behind a computer so I spend as many sewing hours as possible at our coastal home on the weekends when we can get down there.  I have the greatest son and DIL in the entire world who blessed me with my fabulous grandchildren.  God has blessed me more than I deserve.


I work hard.  I play harder.  Why?  Because life is too short.

I’d love to hear from you (unless you’re a spammer or feeling snarky).
Email me:  powertoolswiththread at outlook dot com

And yes, I married the enemy.  Hook ’em Horns!  KState GameKeith and I at a Texas / K-State game in Manhattan, KS.


15 thoughts on “The Creative Fraud

      • Becky- try bobbin washers on your quilting machine to stop the tree nests on the back of quilts. Worth a try. Get them on line .mary

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    • Het Becky, love your outlook on life. Been watching your YouTube videos & have a ?
      On Simply Appliqué what stitches does it use to appliqué. I know it satin stitches but what else? Could you share with me? I’ve found a good price so I’m ready for it. Thxs for any help u can give me.
      Gina Kelley
      From the great state of Maine


      • Hi Gina, I think it does a blanket stitch, satin, and a running or bean stitch. There are a lot of other stitches as well in the motif menu but I haven’t used that. I’m sorry, I just now saw your comment! I’d of gotten back to you otherwise. 🙂


  1. I enjoyed watching your quilt room makeover. I have my sewing patterns in the same containers. I was curious, when did you enlist in the Air Force. I joined in November 1973.


  2. Becky, i truly love your “Power Tools with Thread” videos. I started sewing today at 9:00 am and I had your videos playing all day while I sew on a quilt for my Granddaughter. So thank you for spending the day with me. On one of the videos you said that you made your husband’s boxer shorts, can you tell me how to do the fly? I was going to make some for Christmas last year and got stuck at the fly part and just put them away until I can figure it out. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  3. You listened to me all day? Girl, you should be crazy by now if you weren’t when you started. lol That’s a great idea for a video tutorial. It’s hard to wrap your head around the directions that some of these manufacturers give. Thanks for sharing your day with me!


  4. Hello! I love watching you AND JOY! I am fascinated by how Youtube has us all connecting and even getting out from behind our computers to meet. I sell quilt fabric through Facebook (even though I am trying to go out of business but have a ton of inventory before I can) and would love to send you a box of free fabric. It is my way of supporting Youtubers that I enjoy. Send me an email with the address you would like me to ship.

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  5. OMG. Here I am in Port Lavaca at 3:00 in the morning and I was blessed to find you! Will be spending time getting to know you better today. I too love Before it’s a Quilt.


  6. Hi Becky! I came to check out your videos because Joy Bernhardt mentioned you in her videos. I am an avid subscriber now. I turn on your YT vids and let them play while I sew. I bought an embroidery machine because your stuff looks so cool! Mind you, I previously had no interest in embroidery. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide, and they wonderful chats! XXX, Tina

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