Stitching Santa 2017

One of the coolest things about our sewing community is that we have “secret language”. I can tell someone at my day job about a project I’m working on and while I work with some incredibly intelligent computer people, I mention “needing ballpoint needles for sewing with knits because…well, of course” they look at me like your face would look if I were to say on here, “The PPS has to be registered with AFSPC in order to submit the FSR.”  They might get what a sewing machine needle is but exactly why I need a special one for knits is obscure to them.  Poor dears…

Enter our very own Christmas Angel, Sheila from SewChet, and #StitchingSanta !

In 2016, a fellow stateside participant in Stitching Santa, Jen Miller, contacted me via email because her secret recipient was a quilter and she had absolutely no idea what a quilter would like.  I provided her a laundry list of items and we corresponded a couple of times over email since then.

Well lo’ and behold, I was her Stitching Santa recipient this year!  She really came through with little necessary quilting gizmos and a handmade little basket to keep them all in.  I was thrilled!  It is so exciting to open gifts from someone who understands how much these things mean to me.  🙂


I love the cord-wrapped candy cane that will hang in a predominant place on my Christmas tree for years to come to remind me of her sweet gift.  Believe it or not, I especially love the needle threader.  I break the cheap ones constantly and this one was just in time because I just broke my last one.  Jen, thank you SO much!  Look at this little basket.  Isn’t it cute?


Another successful Stitching Santa has come to a close.  I highly encourage my readers to contact Sheila to get on next year’s list.  I’ve linked to her blog above or the web address in the photo.  Happy New Year to all!

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  1. sewchet says:

    Well, what a coincidence and lucky, too, as Jen had a head start when deciding what to put in your parcel! It looks like she did well and I love the ‘candy’ cane!

  2. Oh, Becky, you have just made my day! Believe it or not, I worried that you’d not received your package (there was a transposition in the zip code) so I logged on to send you an email inquiry. Lo and behold, you had published this post 2 minutes prior.
    Due to a entirely different postal snafu, Part 2 will be arriving next week. I’m so glad you like the goodies I selected for you (how fortunate to have such a comprehensive list to work from). I may spill the whole story in my Stitching Santa post.

  3. Such a nice gift!!! Here is wishing you a wonderful New Year and may we both produce a lot of quilts in 2018! My life saver was HEB Curb Side this month! I was sick 16 days with the Flu – hoping you stay healthy!

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