Scrap Management, Make Your Own Pre-Cuts

This is just a short post to show everyone how I manage my scraps when I’m finished making a quilt.

I use the sides of the extra backing and trim them up as neatly as possible to make my own pre-cuts. I make a clean cut as close as possible to the rough edge.

I generally prefer a 5″ square to start.

Anything I have left over, I will turn into 2.5″ strips.

This particular cut earned me what would be considered a little bit more than a regular Charm Pack and a couple of two and a half inch strips! This is #Moda fabric so I can truly call it a Charm Pack. 😉

If I have big enough pieces, I will make 10″ squares out of those. I rarely have enough left over for a fat quarter.

How do you manage your leftover scraps?

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  1. I keep my scraps, if large enough, for each quilt i make in an individual bag. Many times I have needed some of the fabric to finish or add to the project! It is so much easier to deal with the left over scraps when a project is complete! Have a great week – Rain expected!

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