WIPs Mother’s Day Weekend 2018

Just a short note to share the latest things recently under my needles.  We just came back from the coast with my step-mom for Mother’s Day Weekend 2018 and we had an absolute ball.  My mom is so much fun and early every morning while hubs was still sleeping and the  house was quiet, we had our coffee and she and I would chat and I’d work on quilt piecing while she kept one eye on FB and shared videos of adorable lab pups.  Really…does it get any better than that?  Mom, coffee, quilting, and cute puppies?  I think not!  🙂  My latest is a Riley Blake design called The Corner of 5th and Fun.  This little gem is so adorable!  I’m making it for a little tot across the street from us at the coast who is just as adorable.  Her mom designed her room in neutrals and I thought this would be perfect.

Corner of 5th and Fun Quilt

This weekend I finished the pinwheels and made it halfway through the 2.5″ squares around the border.  The images are from a panel.  Once I get the border squares finished, it will go together in no time.  I ordered the 4 yards of backing material when we got home.


Last Thursday we had an office picnic and I was asked to bring our grill.  Of course I needed a cute apron so I hopped over to Emblibrary.com and found “Smokin’ Hot”.  Gotta love it!  The apron is a blank I bought in a pack of 3 from Sam’s Club for like $12 – that is the BEST place to buy white and black apron blanks. They are good quality at a great price.  I used a single layer of black cut away stabilizer and floated the apron in my jumbo hoop.  It stitched out beautifully and wasn’t too dense.  Here are my co-workers and I:  Juan, moi’, Kenny, and Tabitha who was born and raised in New Orleans.  I let her admire my BBQ pit (inside joke) and she shared a killer gumbo recipe with me.  This was Kenny’s 2nd time to cook with me so he got to wear an official team apron – we are Nice Rack BBQ.  Last March, I took 4th place chicken out of 26 teams at a BBQ sanctioned by the International BBQ Cook-off Association.  It’s kind of a big deal around here and I’m fairly serious about grilling my chickens.



I’m still having a bit of trouble with my longarm giving me long stitches but I’ve discovered it’s not the machine at all – it’s the frame.  Right where the two halves of the frame come together, a couple of the front wheels on the lower carriage don’t touch the rail.  It causes the carriage not to know exactly what to do.  I end up getting long dragging stitches and usually a thread break to boot.  It happens in the same location on every pass regardless of whether the carriage is moving right to left or left to right.  I took the frame nearly apart last month to figure it out and I was able to solve almost all the issues.  But that one spot has me frazzled.  Is there an engineer out there who can come over to help?  It’s totally level, the rails are parallel, and the frame is square.  I simply cannot figure it out and it’s preventing me from finishing my BILs t-shirt quilt.  I’m terrified to snag the nylon in the t-shirts and create runs that cannot be repaired.  Can you see the long stitches?  I was able to push down slightly on the base of the machine right near the needle at this spot to prevent a thread break but wasn’t so lucky on the next pass.  I still have to fix this even though the thread didn’t break.  The Grace Frame company is going to be getting a call from me soon.


I’m stitching the Sasquatch Quilt with a computerized design – Ebb and Flow from Intelligent Quilting.  I really like it.


Tomorrow I leave for a two day trip to Austin for a Master’s in Quilting Degree with Claudia Pfiel who is from Germany.  I booked this class at Over the Top Quilting last December and I’m spending the night in Austin (Cedar Park actually) tomorrow night so I don’t have to make the 2 hour trip back and forth between the days.  I’m SO excited!  It was my Christmas and Mother’s Day gift to myself.  I’m a very, very beginner in FMQ and I’m sure I will be a trial to her.  She teaches at the International Quilt Fest in Houston so she’s one of the best in the world and I’m certain I’m totally out of my league.  I’m determined to do my best though and hopefully I gain some confidence on the longarm while I’m there.  I’ll be sure to blog my experience!

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Are you experiencing a problem with the electrical cord hanging up at this point? I did and hubby came up with a solution – no problems anymore! Yummy BBQ!
    Enjoy the class – you will learn that LA quilting is a mind to hand thing! Doodling is the way to learn – interesting huh?

  2. I am intrigued and hungered by the mention of fantastic BBQ! Your class also sounds awesome. I hope you have fun with it.

    I had a similar issue with long stitches on my longarm. I checked the table, wheels, gears, quilt tension etc. Finally, I think I figured it out with the help of one of the best HQ technicians. We think it is due to a loose connector to the encoder for stitch regulation. If the long stitches occur without putting holes in the quilt (that would be timing), then it seemed at certain points across my quilt, the system lost contact with the stitch regulator. I unconnected, cleaned, and reconnected my cables, and checked to make sure that cable drag or movement wasn’t numbing the connection loose, then voila’ , the long stitching went away. Maybe it isn’t the frame?…

    • Something loose with the encoders was my first thought and I have done the clean and replace. However the problem still exists and I can visibly see and feel a wheel or two not touching the frame in that spot. Like it’s spinning free 1/8″ away from the rail. I have the Grace GQ Frame and I don’t see it anymore for sale on their site so I’m wondering if I’m not the only one having this issue. There are shelves that run under the frame and I’ve got them loaded down with stuff. The plan now is to pull everything off the shelves and see if that helps (might be torqueing in some way?) and if not, then I’ll remove the shelves completely and see. I hate to lose the storage space but if that is the problem then I must do it.

      Brine your chickens! It’s the only way to go!

    • Nan, I’ve got a bunch of stuff on shelves under the frame and I hadn’t thought to look behind it as it moves. I’m going to do that tonight. I may have something sticking out from under that is grabbing the cord. Good thought! Thanks!

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