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Moda Fields of Blue, QuiltCon, and an Etsy Shop Opening Soon!

It’s been a busy start to 2020.  I’ve picked up a couple of quilting projects and started Ava’s Garden from Connecting Threads in queen size.  

For the fabric, I chose Fields of Blue by Moda for some gorgeous Bluebonnets in the Churn Dash blocks.  I’m about halfway finished with this beauty and I especially want it done before the Bluebonnets bloom here in South Texas next March.

Moda Fields of Blue

It’s been about a year since I remodeled my sewing room and I’ve done some refinements along the way.  While I’ve purchased bits of garment fabric here and there over the past year, I’ve really concentrated my fabric habit into quilting and embroidery.  Garment fabric has been removed to another room and space has been made for the Brother Luminaire that is on loan to me from #Allbrands.

Luminaire XP1 from

I’m busy setting everything to rights around the room so I’m ready for a full-blown sewing room video tour I’m going to do this weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Luminaire with Simply Applique to make the Howl-lelujah quilt last December.  My next venture with that fabulous machine is to stipple around the applique pieces on the Safari Way-to-Grow wall hanging from Urban Elementz.  

Safari Way to Grow from Urban Elementz

I’ve seen videos where the Luminaire can, after scanning in the hoop, create a “stamp” around a shape, thereby creating an outline around the shape.  Then I can fill the empty space with a stipple to fully quilt the wall hanging using the embroidery machine.  I look forward to figuring this all out and sharing it with my YouTube viewers as well.

My next “First” will be attending QuiltCon in Austin, Texas on Feb 20.

I’ve never been and I’m interested to see if there is a different “vibe” from the Houston Quilt Festival.  The world of Modern Quilting is foreign to me so I’m excited to go to Austin to see what it’s all about.  Of course, I’ll be taking you along with me and will video my entire trip!

And last but not least, hubs Keith has started prepping for his retirement by re-engaging in his passion of woodworking. First off the lathe are custom acrylic and wooden seam ripper/stiletto combos. They, along with other fine sewing tools including ruler racks, sleeve boards, and tailor’s tools, will be in our Etsy shop soon!