Archive | October 2020

Fa La La Quilt Along “ABC” Diagram

I’m doing a video series for beginner quilters using the Fa La La Quilt Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.

In the link below, I created my ABC diagram in Word for how I labeled my fabrics according to the pattern in the video series. If you need the actual measurements, the links to purchase the pattern are at the top of the document. The way this document is laid out, corresponds to the cut pieces on the pattern. It will make it easier for you to understand which pieces I’m cutting and using.

Click HERE to download the document.


Winner! Quilt in a Day Flying Geese Ruler

When I did the Creative Notions bag reveal for September 2020, it came with a Quilt in a Day Flying Geese ruler by Eleanor Burns. Fabulous inclusion in the bag BTW.

Since I already had one of these, I offered it up on my channel as a giveaway. The giveaway closed at midnight on Oct 4, 2020.

To win the ruler, I asked commenters to leave a comment that says “I want the ruler”. There were 434 comments to the video in total.

After filtering out duplicates and telling the picker to look for the phrase “want the ruler”, there were 345 unique commenters.

I told the picked to choose a winner from those 345 comments by clicking the Choose a Winner button and the winner is Lani Rousseau! CONGRATULATIONS LANI!!

Lani, please email your address to me at no later than 5pm CST Oct 14, 2020 to claim your prize and I’ll get it right to you. Thank you for watching the channel and congratulations again!