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Free Sewing Machine SVG

My gift to you. Feel free to use this to your heart’s content. I uploaded it to the Brother Canvas Cloud, resized, and cut out using my Brother Scan n Cut. Then I stitched it on using Simply Applique software – a module of BES4 that can be purchased separately. Bag instructions are below. I had some canvas laying around so I put it to good use! My original thought was to also applique the “Happiness is…” lettering but decided that it was too small. However, you can have that svg as well if you like. I ended up just embroidering the letters. The font is 1″ Evangeline from Designs by JuJu. The heart is a shape from the Canvas cloud or you can use one that’s inside the Scan N Cut. In the video, I used two different software programs because I prefer to do embroidery lettering in Embrilliance and use BX fonts. There are fonts in Simply Applique (BES4) but I didn’t care for those.

Sewing Machine SVG

There were issues with being able to access the svg files from inside the Word document for my viewers, so…$300 later for a WordPress upgrade (just throw money at it, right?) I’ve created individual download files for the svg’s. So ignore the part in the video about moving the files from the Word doc to your computer. Just click the Download buttons below and they will be in your Downloads folder.

The tote bag was very straight forward and I pulled the design and size from thin air. To sew the straps, I cut two 4″-wide strips that were approx 40 inches long. I ironed a crease down the center and then folded the sides into the center and stitched down each side 1/8″ from the edge.

The body of the bag is 16″ x 29″. (No reason for that odd number). I folded it in half widthwise and stitched up the side and bottom. I did the same for the lining but cut it to 15.5″ x 29″. After embroidering, I turned the lining right side out and tucked the outside of the bag inside out into the lining so the wrong sides of the bag were together. I folded over the top 1/2″ edge of the outside of the bag and matched up the side seams. I stitched in the handles at a 1/2″ seam allowance measuring in 3″ from the outer edges and turned the bag right side out.

Then I made sure the handles were straight from the top of the bag and stitched around again 1/8″ from the top. I used a 90/14 Schmetz jeans top stitch needle and Dual Duty jeans top stitching thread. I needed all the extra oomph to get through all those layers of canvas.

Sewing Machine SVG

I seriously love how it turned out! Thanks for reading!

Moda Countdown to Christmas 2020 Quilt “Winter Frost” Quilt – Icy Windows Block

Growing up in South Texas, we didn’t get a whole lot of snow, ice, or frost of any kind. But occasionally… every once in awhile… Mother Nature would descend on us with a wintery blast. Unlike my mother who grew up in Wisconsin, there wasn’t an ice scraper to be found anywhere near me. So what did we do for those occasional frosty windshields? Well, we’d “McGyver” a credit card! Of course!

I always loved studying those individual ice crystal formations on my windows. This “Icy Windows” block reminded me of those beautiful creations that are as unique as all of us.

The image above is 4 of the blocks together, but a single one finishes at 6″. Here’s how to put it together.

All pieces are cut at 2 3/8″. This is a Jelly Roll friendly block! You’ll need 3 shades of luscious blue frosty-looking prints and a white background. In the photo below, I opted to leave out the greener shades.

A – Cut 2 2 3/8″ of the darkest blue shade
B – Cut 6 2 3/8″ of the white
C – Cut 4 2 3/8″ of the medium blue
D – Cut 4 2 3/8″ of the lightest blue

Pair 2 A with 2 B
Pair 2 B with 2 C
Pair 2 B with 2 D
Pair 2 C with 2 D
Draw a diagonal line on the top square of each pair.

Sew the pairs together by stitching a scant quarter inch down each side of the drawn line.

Cut the squares apart on the drawn line to create half square triangles (HSTs). Finger press them open without stretching the bias.

Using the finished block as a guide, sew blocks together into 4 rows according to the picture.

Sew the rows together and nest carefully so as not to tip your V’s or points!

Here’s a beautiful Winter Wonderland setting for this quilt. Can you find my block in this setting? 🙂 Hint, in this setting, the white is used as the lightest blue.

I had so much fun with this project. I’d like to thank Moda for sharing my block with all of you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and God’s blessings on each and every one for the New Year. Merry Christmas!

Winner of the 2020 Sulky Mystery Box!

POST UPDATE: NEW WINNER! The original winner of the Sulky box never responded after several attempts. The response time has passed and a new winner has been chosen! Sharon Baxter ! You’ve won the Sulky box! Please email me at with your mailing address. CONGRATULATIONS!! The new winner is also a member of the Power Tools With Thread FB group and it has also been posted there.

We have a winner of the Sulky Mystery Box 2020! Congratulations to YouTube commenter QuiltNut851 ! Here’s how the winner was chosen.

The video link was input to the website and entries had to say somewhere in their comment “Sulky box”. Replies were included as well as top level comments. Duplicate entries were eliminated.

The comment picker found 484 unique entries.

The CommentPicker found the winner! Congratulations QuiltNut851! You have until 5PM CST, 12/13/20 to claim your prize by emailing me at with your mailing address. If the box goes unclaimed, another winner will be chosen.

Congratulations again!

Kimberbell Bella Box Winner!

Congratulations to Janet Bradford, winner of the #Kimberbell Bella Box giveaway!

The YouTube comment picker was used to choose the winner. They needed to say, “I’m a Kimberbella too” somewhere in their comment, and I chose a filter of “Kimberbella too” for a word search among the comments. I filtered duplicate comments.

The Comment Picker found 613 unique commenters. WOW!

The “Choose A Winner” button was clicked and Janet Bradford was our winner! Congratulations Janet. Please email me at NLT 5pm CST 12/10/20 to claim your winning prize. I’m SO glad it went to someone who is also a member of our Power Tools With Thread FB group. Congratulations again!

Welcome to the Virtual Quilt Festival! Dec 3-5, 2020

Don’t miss my live presentation December 3rd through the 5th at 10:00 AM CST in the @Brothersews booth presented by @allbrands1976 at the Virtual Quilt Festival hosted by! Join us for education, and giveaways after each segment!

I want to thank Allbrands for this opportunity. is a family owned and operated business since 1976 and is proud to host Brother virtually this year. Meet your favorite stars for live demonstrations: Angela Wolf from Its Sew Easy TV, Cindy Hogan, Reen Wilcoxson founder of Embroidery Garden, Becky Thompson from Power Tools with Thread, Brother national educators and much more! Allbrands stores in Houston, San Antonio, and Louisiana will be offering the best festival packages of the year with 60 month financing! Visit us for show specials and giveaways.

I’ll be sharing a demo on how to use the Brother Scan-n-Cut to cut fabric for applique quilts! During the festival, you can get specials on the patterns I’m using in the links below.

Watch Allbrands Live on FB! (you can see me here and post comments!)
FacebookDay 1:
Facebook Day 2:
Facebook Day 3:

YouTube Day 1:
YouTube Day 2:
YouTube Day 3:

Tickets to the entire Quilt Festival which includes classes can be purchased here: Home – Quilts

Autumn Owl Pattern (includes FREE Santa Hat pattern) from Pamalama Jo Designs (digital download available): Autumn Owl (

Patchwork Pines for Christmas Quilt Pattern (20% off Discount Code: PINE) from Bunnie Hill Designs
Patchwork Pines for Christmas – Applique Quilts – Patterns (

#brothersews #allbrandssews #scanncut #luminaire #quiltbroidery

I hope you can join me! Thank you everyone for all your support for me and my channel. I love you all!