BOM Getting to Know Hue – Red

Another month has gone by and so goes another block of the month. This is a pattern by Nancy Rink and her quilt Getting to Know Hue.  This is Getting to Know Red. 

This month’s block really challenged my piecing skills. I learned new techniques to create blocks I’ve never done before. I absolutely love the intricacy of this quilt and all of its designs. Y’all, this is probably some of the best piecing I’ve ever done this month. Check out those points and joins. I have to say I’m very proud. ūüėä It is a bit wobbly on the sides where I aimed for the center but I’m hoping that disappears in the quilting. 

A new technique I added to my piecing skills is this little trick with painters tape. I drew one-quarter inch lines from needle center on the painters tape so no matter which side I stitched from, my stitch lines were accurate. It really helped to have the line a little longer then would seem necessary because it helped me to hold the fabric straight as it went through the feed dogs and I could eyeball the exact 1/4″ just before the needle. And using this presser foot was just the thing to hold the fabric exactly in place as it stitched. From now on, this will be the only way I piece my blocks. Obviously, the SewSteady table helps. 

Next month is Orange. Can’t wait for the fabric to get here!

#GettingToKnowHue : Getting to Know Yellow-Green

I’m in a Block of the Month (BOM) put on by #LoneStarQuiltWorks and it’s a gorgeous Nancy Rink pattern called Getting To Know Hue.¬† In addition to designing the pattern, she also designed the fabrics.¬† All colors have the same hue and the same dots and weave prints even though they are all different colors.¬†¬†April’s BOM¬†is Getting to¬†Know Yellow Green.

This entire quilt is really¬†pushing my piecing skills.¬† It seems like everything is on the bias so I’m learning to starch all fabrics on the wrong side before cutting.¬† My favorite is Faultless with the blue cap.¬† No flakes.¬† I learned that trick from Amy Gibson at Love her!¬† If you pop over to her site, she has a free¬†Paper Piecing cheat sheet she is sharing if you’re interested.


When I know I’m going to be cutting bias cuts, I never push the iron over the fabric, rather I place it top to bottom and use plenty of steam.


When I turn it over (above) I run the iron over it by barely touching the fabric until all the iron marks are gone.¬† That’s better.


As with any pattern, reading it first is key.  This month, I nearly made a mistake and cut the fat eighth long-ways instead of side ways.  Whew.  It was a narrow miss!


I love seeing all the neat stacks ready to become something beautiful!


I swear by my painter’s tape.¬† The edge is the sewing line and I mark 1/4″ in for making the HSTs (half-square triangles).¬† However, after the first 4 of these, I gave up and went back and drew the actual sewing lines.¬†With all this bias, I wasn’t taking any chances.


And a short 6 hours later?¬† Ta-da!!¬† Two¬†pretty good looking¬†blocks if I do say so myself.¬† Please don’t look too closely at my wobbly seams.¬† I’m hoping they won’t show after it’s all together and quilted. Getting¬†those exact points on the bias…what a chore!¬† But I’ll take wonky seams over tipping a triangle any day.


Here are the blocks from Jan (blue), Feb (teal), and March (magenta).

Here’s what it will look like when it’s finished.¬† What are you working on?¬† Please reply or post a link.¬† I’d love to see!