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For my friends who are dabbling in machine embroidery and don’t have any software yet, Embroidery Designs is having a 10% off sale on all Embrilliance products through Nov 30th.  I have Embrilliance Essentials (now $125.10) and Thumbnailer (now $35.10).  I’m not receiving any fee for recommending these – no affiliate links here, just pure belief in the products.  I don’t have any of the other Embrilliance products so I can’t speak to those.

The Essentials is easy to use (think Word or PowerPoint), and allows you to import BX fonts and do basic design editing like making designs bigger or smaller, centering, flipping, duplicating, changing thread colors, managing thread density, etc.  I highly recommend this software and there are tons of videos out on YouTube to help you learn how to use it.  You do not need software that costs thousands of dollars to do machine embroidery.  I use Essentials after I download a design from the web, then scale it to size and save to a thumb drive for use in my machine.  I also use it to print the design before stitching so I can use that paper template to ensure good placement on my project and help me to remember thread colors.essentials-capture

Thumbnailer.  This is all about design management on your computer.  When you download a file, purchased or free, it usually comes with some obscure file name and you can’t tell what it is from first glance.  Thumbnailer displays the file like an icon so you can find what you’re looking for.  It’s super easy to install, requires a restart, and then viola’!  Icons!  Here’s a screenshot of the Embroidery folder on my laptop.


Once inside the folders, the detail is even better.


They have these products for both PC and Mac.  These software packages rarely go on sale so hurry and you can get stitching for Christmas!

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  1. Deborah Hataway says:

    Do you use the stitch out function in Essentials after color blocking?

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