My #StitchingSanta is Here!

Y’ALL!  “Brown” (UPS) just dropped off an Amazon box addressed to me and I thought, “Huh, I don’t recall ordering anything from Amazon (to be delivered here) recently.”  I opened it and YIPPEE!!  I jumped up and down in my Crocs and clapped my hands with glee like a little girl.  It’s HERE It’s HERE!!  My #StitchingSanta is here!  My sender fooled me with the box.  ha ha  Good one Claire.  🙂20161222_135338

I’m SO stinkin’ excited to open these on Christmas morning.  I can’t wait!

What is #StitchingSanta ?  My favorite Brit Sheila, from runs a sewing version of Secret Santa.  You contact her before the end of Oct with your name, address, and sewing preferences and she will match you up with another participant in the same country to be their #stitchingsanta .  The gift limit is $10 US but you can gift from your stash or personally made items all you want.  This is SO much fun!  I had as much fun putting my gift together to give as I have had in a long time.  If you participate, you agree to blog about your experience in the process.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!  May God bless you and yours.

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  1. A very colorful package … and it’s Christmas Eve eve, so we can soon open and share all our StitchingSanta gifts! 😀

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