I have a lot of UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and I’m very happy I found the 2017 Finish-a-long even if the year is half over.  It will give me the motivation to finish a few of them.  These are NOT WIPs.  They have been put down and walked away from for months…years and still need to be completed.

UFO #1 – Dinosaur QAYG from ShinyHappyWorld.com.  I’ve got the blocks cut, background batiks applies, and some of the blocks are quilted.  Some of the applique pieces have been cut by hand but I’m no where near even halfway through.  It’s been sitting for months and I want it done for Christmas.  I have a Cameo Silhouette and what I REALLY want to do is some serious magic with this.  Not only do I want to cut out the dinosaurs in fabric on the Silhouette, but I want to load the image into my Embrilliance embroidery software and then machine embroider the applique onto the squares in the hoop.  I’ve seen it done on YouTube and I really want to figure that out because I HATE to applique on the sewing machine.  I’m seriously wondering why I took this project on.  Probably because it’s such an adorable quilt and I’d had too much wine when I ordered it.  Hey, don’t judge.


#2 A Starry Night Quilt.  I started this before Christmas in 2015 with the full intention of finishing it before the holiday.  It’s one of those where you punch out the stars and add a little light pack behind it so the wall hanging lights up.  I got the wild idea that I’d do a small meander all around the outside of the tree.  I got about half way finished before I got bored.  You can see where I outlined the tree shape to meander around.  I started the meander on my sit down.

#2017fal - Starry Night


#3  Lap size pink quilt.  This is a Villa Rosa Designs pattern but I’m not sure which one.  I didn’t think it was going to be THIS pink but it will make a nice gift for a young girl.  I still need to get backing fabric.  I made this top in summer of 2016.

#2017fal - Pink Villa Rosa Quilt

#4  Another Villa Rosa Designs – lap size.  This was a kit and the backing for it is around here somewhere.  This one I put together in Spring of 17.  I thought it would look good in my living room.

#2017fal - Villa Rosa Living Room Quilt

That’s enough UFO’s for this quarter.  I hope to get just one done but I’m glad to have finally put thoughts-to-blog in this #2017FAL to get me going on them.

Link up your UFOs.  I’d love to see them!


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  1. Well, I think I have 2 of the Xmas tree panels, plus!!!! I wonder if….. Nice to finish up old projects. I am waiting on my long arm quilter to do some panto’s for me – then I will feel like I am getting ahead of things instead of behind!!! Bet it wlll hit 100 today. I am doing my walking at 6:30 AM now. Just too hot to wait.

    • Hi Nan! Yes, it’s already too hot out there for man and beast. I just got back from HEB in time to beat not only the crowd but the heat to unload the car. Mercy it’s HOT out there. My panto quality is really coming along. I discovered my frame was nearly 1/2″ wider on one end than the other which was causing the wheels to not stay true on the rails. Grace Frame walked me through the fix. I got it to within 1/8″ which is near exact so now things are stitching out just fine. If you have an “un-treasured” top you’d like to have machine quilted, I’d be happy to do it for you for very cheap so I can get in some practice if you’re willing. Email me at beckyleethompson at outlook dot com or give me a call. Kay has my number if you’ve lost it.

  2. sewchet says:

    That sounds familiar – if I don’t finish a Christmas project in time, it gets put away until the following year and STILL doesn’t get finished!

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