2017 San Antonio Quilt Expo & a New Quilting Ruler Stand

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. The BOS was totally done by machine. This is where a ‘traditional quilter’ has to compete with Modern Quilts, Machine Embroidery Quilts and Long Arm quilters “negative space” that you so eloquently stated above, are causing frustration with ‘traditional quilters” who hand embroidery, needle turn applique, hand quilt, and do some domestic and long arm quilting but do not have all that “negative space” in their quilts. Takes a lot longer to make a quilt, and yet they are not acknowledged at most of the shows.

    San Antonio and New Braunfels used to have great quilt shows. Things are changing. Austin still has a great show. NB and Austin will be in 2018.

    I gave up on having ruler holders years ago. I have them in one of my Elfa drawers.
    I like the picture of the quarter square triangle quilt! A bit too busy color wise for me, but more of a traditional quilt.

    Your computer generated long arm looks neat! No thinking there! Just select a pattern and the quilt is quilted. Easy Peasy. Glad that it is working well for you. You went through a lot to get it going correctly.

    BTW, I worked at Main Base Kelly from 1966 – 1979 and at Security Service (no telling what it is called now) from 1980 to 1993 and then on to Washington DC for 3 years and home to Main Base where I retired in 1999. Hated to see the base close but they deserved it – too many complaints by the Union and not keeping the records straight helped close the base. Retired as a GS-14! Great Career. Great Retirement.

    I remember the Cloth World store – went there many many times!

    • In this case on the BOS, I completely agree with you. It was not a quilt but instead an embroidered sandwiched square of plain fabric that was put together by blocks to be a quilt. And even in the image above, the tips of the stars were rolling into the seam allowances. They really need to have different categories where they offer blue ribbons: Traditional / Needleturn, Modern, Embroidered, etc. That would make it fair and encourage everyone to improve their favorite type of the quilting craft.
      On my Quilt Butler, there’s more thinking that you might think, but it is getting easier. I’m now starting to purchase edge-to-edge pantos from Urban Elementz in New Braunfels, and I can load those into my Quilt Butler. She offers the paper pattern or the digital for a bit cheaper. It truly is the best for me because I do not possess the ability to create round circles or straight lines without rulers. When I get to where I’m taking customers in a few years, I’ll just have them go there to choose their pattern and I’ll buy it or maybe already have it on file.

  2. sewchet says:

    You do tell a good story Becky – this was totally entertaining, especially your take on ‘negative space’! The quilting stitches show up better on the ‘blank’ bits, though, that’s for sure. Glad you had a good time and hope your dogs stopped howling:)

    • Thank you! I always look for a story in my travels and the things I do. It’s amazing what interesting things you can find when you look. You’re right about the quilting showing up better in negative space and that’s the whole point I believe. I just enjoy the piecing process so much that I just don’t see the point. Another note, I’m so proud of your #2 son off to school all on his own at that age. What an amazing experience!

  3. Leta says:

    I stumbled across your blog, and I have to say I enjoyed your post. I’m finding that I’m a “moody” quilter- some days I prefer the traditional style, other days I lean towards the modern. Both have their own challenges for us longarmers.
    I was just at the Asheville, NC, quilt show a few weeks ago, and they group the quilts according to type and construction, so there’s not a “completely hand done” competing against “machine embroidered, computer quilted”.
    I guess it just depends on how many entries for a show to create enough categories.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your post.

    • Well welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by! I am going to make it a point to try to get to more local quilt shows now that I’ve had a taste of something other than Houston. The craft that is Quilting has taken such new turns in recent years it piques my interest enough to venture out. Welcome again and please subscribe if you haven’t already.😊

  4. Karen Frank says:

    Ruler rack, is Your son making them? I’m interested.

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