1st Pantograph on the Longarm, a.k.a. Two New Dog Blankets

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. When practicing, try using cheap cheap muslin! It is cheaper than even the sale fabrics.
    Looks like the fabric was not taunt enough on the back – not sure why it was “puckering”.
    Yup, it takes lots of practice. I do free motion, but decided early on that panto’s and feathers were not going to be for me. There is one way to get the hang of it. Take some paper and pen and doodle! Then it will help set your mind to hand when you work on the long arm.
    Does your machine have a stitch regulator? Mine is not computerized just the regulator. I send my show quilts out to be quilted, but others I do.
    You will catch on sooner than you think, and yes, I too have my machine raised. Hubby added more LED lights which help greatly. Have fun!

    • All good suggestions and I’m certainly going to get some muslin. Not sure on the puckering either but suspect it was how I loaded the quilt. I think I might get some of those clams. I’ll try anything not to have to pin. I was using the stitch regulator (not the computer). I LOVE the bright light that comes on my machine and the overheads. What’s the best for raising the frame? I want something pretty vs. like a cinder block. I thought of a box but then I lose potential storage space. Thoughts?

  2. sewchet says:

    Interesting, especially to someone who only quilts by hand! I know you spent a small fortune on this machine, so I hope you get that “zen” feeling with it soon. Love your husband’s comment on binding the dog’s quilt!

    • My problem is that I’m too impatient. I just need to slow down and practice, practice. The zen is almost there with the Butler and maybe I just need to be happy with that. There’s also ruler quilting that I haven’t tried yet. I have the ruler table base and a bunch of rulers so I may have a go at that next. Love the cow print dress! You need a Texas Cowgirl hat and boots and get here next Feb for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo!

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