Streamlined Sewing with New IKEA Linmon Tables

You may recall, we enclosed the back patio on our home to become my sewing room in this post. Here’s a quick look at how I had my machines set up before. I only had one machine on top of the sewing table and if I needed to use the serger or cover stitch, I had to perform all kinds of acrobatics to make room and move machines around in order to sew a single garment. It was so inconvenient and I hated it.

I searched all over online and watched tons of YouTube videos to get ideas of what I wanted and what would work for me. I finally decided to go the IKEA route and used Linmon tables to give each machine its own living space. I wanted an assembly line of sorts to be able to use any machine at any time without having to move them around. I purchased two sets of Alex drawers to hold all my sewing notions and placed one at each end of the assembly line. I also place a little bamboo box within each reach of the machines that contain scissors, seam rippers, rulers, and other notions I use frequently. To keep things neat, there’s a trash can next to each machine.

To get from machine to machine, I simply roll back and forth. It’s heaven! Yes, I need another chair, but for now, this is what I have. That’s a memory pillow on the chair made from a couple of my dad’s old shirts. He’s always with me when I sew. 🙂

From bottom to top: Brother Quattro Embroidery Machine, Brother PQ1500SL quilt piecing machine, Brother PC420 sewing machine, Brother 1034D Lock serger, and Janome 900 Cover Stitch.

My first garment using the new set up was a pair of Jalie Clara leggings and it was such a joy to roll from the sewing machine, to the serger, to the cover stitch. I even completed the project faster than I had ever sewn anything before because I wasn’t stopping and starting throughout the process. And for once, I hemmed my garment right away with the cover stitch because, well…it was right there ready to go!

I’m so, so happy with the new set up! I’m certain my garment sewing is going to really ramp up with more projects in the works!

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  1. Greetings! Our trees are finally blooming! Curious – did you ever finish the Nancy Rink, BOM you started in January 2017 called Getting to Know Hue? I found the pattern only (which is what I had waited for) on Amazon today and ordered it. It will be a fun one to make.

    • Hi Nan, yes all trees are blooming and the new Pawnee Pecan we planted last year is beginning to bud. Not looking forward to yellow oak dust all over my car! No I never finished GTKH. I got about 9 blocks done for the outside and haven’t even cut the center yet. It’s niggling in the back of my mind to get back to it. Hey, I’m going to show a Crown Royal quilt I made in 2017 at the show in Sept. Not expecting any ribbons of course, but just want my quilt to be seen. 🙂 I’ll get it back from the guy I made it for at the end of the month.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Becky. I love your videos . I’m from Houston, and my Grandson joined the Air Force in September. I love to make bags and qulits for my family .

    • That’s awesome that he joined!! Congratulations! (He has a job! LOL) He should be in tech school now or possibly at his first duty station. I bet he’d love a quilt from home.😉

  3. Judy says:

    Hi Becky – Your room looks so nice that I have decided to “borrow” some ideas. The corner table from Ikea – really is 47″ on each side? Also – can you tell me what the round light is above your sewing machine? Ott? I have a nice room, but it needs some serious table organization so that I can roll from machine to machine instead of around the table, over the cords, and back again. 🙂 Love your channel. Thanks.

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