A Zipper Pouch for Yo-Yo Makers

Grandma always said, “Everything has a place; everything in its place.” (I try to live by that…I really do.)  I bought these yo-yo makers to use in the Ocean Frolic Quilt pattern that I got on a shop hop last summer. 

After I got home from my Kimberbell embroidery event on Saturday I was digging around in my stash for another thing (can’t recall what now) and came across theses yo-yo makers orphaned in a drawer, all loose and rolling around, and the instructions were buried under some fabric in a back corner of the drawer. Well, we can’t have that! I need to keep them with the instructions so I know how to use them when the time comes.

I dug around and found some happy fabric from Riley Blake called Bake Sale 2. It was in a mystery bundle I received from Missouri star months ago. I cut 4 pieces of fabric 10″ x 12″ and used a 14″ zipper.

I chose an equally happy 1″ font called Blue Kids on Scooters. I embroidered this with lightweight tear away sticky stabilizer.

I put Pellon Shape Flex 101 on the lining pieces. Then I sewed the inner and outer pieces to a bright yellow zipper. I stitched each piece to the right/left and front/back of the zipper.

I used the toe of the machine foot as a guide for top stitching.

Don’t forget the MOST important step! Open that zipper before stitching all the sides closed!

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are to lineup all 4 pieces exactly the same, they seem to be off on the edges.

No matter. I just drew a line inside the shortest piece of each edge as my stitching line.

Because this is a utility bag I didn’t get all worked up about hiding the inside seams. Instead I cut them with a pinking rotary cutter blade. That makes fast work of finishing off the inside seams.

I love how this turned out! Now I just need to figure out where to put it!

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  1. Bette Dolaher says:

    I had my granddaughter do one of these with vinyl and batting and lining over a candy bag as shown by jenny at msqc

  2. Cynthia Lindsley says:

    This brings up a subject that I haven’t seen addressed on other sights and I think you are the most knowledgeable to answer this.
    As with many sewists I do machine embroidery, quilting, garment construction etc… Keeping my projects,tools and stuff organized is a real quandary. So many tools are crossovers, and in general it gets overwhelming in my sewing room. How have you found a way to stay organized? I am trying to find a way to separate stuff, or is this just a pipe dream?

  3. Penny Galyon says:

    Love watching you on utube. Please I have some questions can you use the weightless on a king size quilt? where do you get the sheets so that I can do edge to edge quilting on my machine. Thanks for all you do. Penny

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