Final Issue of #DIME Magazine

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Cheryl Schuller says:

    I would never put the blame on you, Becky. I ordered the magazine too and was shocked when this issue came with the news. It is very nice of them to make that offer and I will enjoy using the gift certificate. I always look at the items you suggest and we as adults have the brains to decide if we want to try them or not. You do not “force” us to buy anything. I understand how you feel but you can’t let it consume you. Please don’t stop showing items that you like, it’s one of the things I enjoy on your channel. Hey! I would never have found Amelie Scott designs, which I love, without you. I wish you could “chat” every day!!!
    Fondly, Cheryl

  2. Lisa G says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I don’t follow any Youtube channels, so i didn’t know about your July offer, but I know our sewing community won’t blame you! I just subscribed to the magazine at a DIME event last month, so my 1st issue (which is sitting on my table in plastic) will also be my last! The thing is, I probably won’t look at it til we go on a road trip, so if it weren’t for you, I might have missed my opportunity to claim a gift certificate! So thank you again!

  3. Debbie C. says:

    Hi Becky;
    This is not your fault by any means. I bought the two year subscription and do love the magazine, but things are changing. I do have DIME items, and will keep buying them, I do love their items and quality.. Just keep mentioning anything you do buy and have videos on, we still appreciate your testing items and giving us your real feel for them, what happens with companies and policies in the future is not in your hands. You husband is right !! HINT HINT, please give us a good video on your new quilt frame set up now !!! Looking forward to it.

  4. Susan T says:

    Hi, Becky. I’m so sorry that you too were blind sided. What a shock for the embroidery world. While I will continue to buy the quality DIME products I do want to say a few words. My Joann’s still carries magazines for every hobby there is out there. That may change tomorrow, but for now they do. Also, I subscribe to CME and while they have had concerns, and the change over to a new company and publisher has not gone smoothly, I am still receiving a magazine so no refund is needed. Until I receive a coupon from DIME I will not give them kudos. If this was their plan, that should have been set up and ready to go. How long will we wait for one is any ones guess. Maybe some “facts” that were used as an excuse should have been clarified before stating them to you. No one blames you, and I appreciate you addressing this sad event in honest terms. I’m glad we have you to get the low down on new items and fun projects. Keep up the great work!

  5. Carmen Ivette Cuevas says:

    I’ve lost my subscription number because it’s usually on the plastic wrap. How can I get reimbursed? I can’t find anything on her blog to help me with this.

  6. Susan Stringfellow says:

    I entered my info to be reimbursed for the (I think) three more magazines that I should have coming at least a week ago- have not received any communication from them as of yet.

    • Susan Stringfellow says:

      Sorry- should have added that I don’t blame you at all!

    • Gerri Smit says:

      Hi Becky
      I love your tube and your blog very much. I have 1 question were did your get that magnetic hoop. Would they have one for a Baby lock 10 needle. Again I look forward to your videos, love you. Gerri

  7. Marlene Shafer says:

    I have worked in the printing industry for over forty years. Never did I think when I got into printing that so many printing companies would go out of business, and my skills would no longer be needed. But I have been laid off over 10 times throughout my career in Prepress, due to lack of needing hard copy printing. The introduction of the computer and internet were some of the causes.
    Just look at the size of your Sunday paper. Remember how thick it was, and all the ad papers it held? I finally had to retire early because of lack of jobs in my field. I feel sorry for all those people that will be losing their jobs especially the older ones who will need to find another job in this shrinking industry, and do not have skills to find a different profession, but too young to get full retirement.

  8. Howard Dunn says:


    I just came across your you tube channel and I am so happy with you content on it. I wish that I have came across it sooner. Can’t wait to see more of your videos

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