Learn to Digitize Vector Files Using Embrilliance Stitch Artist 2

Here’s my latest video where I do an in-depth tutorial explaining how to create your own applique embroidery designs using Embrilliance Stitch Artist 2. I love this process! I’ve done is before using BES and Simply Applique, but Stitch Artist 2 will remove the underlying blanket stitches and the other software will not. Stitch Artist 2 is a superior software IMO. I’ve also noticed a bug with BES/Simply Applique in that it occasionally will not add the blanket stitches to a portion of a design. I’ve no idea why. Enjoy!

Here’s my link to Stitch Artist 2. If you have 2, you don’t need to get 1 first. Stitch Artist 2 includes all the tools in Stitch Artist 1. https://bit.ly/3kzdjuG This is an affiliate link and I make a small commission at no expense to you to help out the family biz. Thanks for using my links!

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Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Cathy C says:

    I love your videos, particularly anything embroidery. Before I watch Embrillance Stitch Artist 2, what is IMO, “Stitch Artist 2 is a superior software IMO”? Thanks much.

    • Cindy Craigen says:

      Hi, Cathy – IMO stands for “in my opinion”. I’m not Becky – but thought I’d answer that one!!

  2. Heather says:

    LOVE your videos. You are a wonderful teacher! Question: When you purchase an applique pattern, the pattern usually includes a positioning example for the individual pieces. Could that be scanned in to the software to eliminate you from positioning each piece?

  3. Deborah Whitney-TX says:

    I was considering getting Simply Appliqué and have a Baby Lock Unity. Will Stitch Artist do the same thing or is it specifically for Brother machines?

  4. Virginia(Ginger) Frazier says:

    Becky I watched you this morning create the embroidery file in Stitchartist2 and decided that even though I have Hatch software this seems to be a little more user friendly for the applique, however i cannot seem to find the icon to insert the cut (vector) files to convert to applique nor do I recognize an icon for that purpose. Wal wondering if you could perhaps explain or do a video on the tools. thank you in advance. Virginia (Ginger) Frazier

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