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A New Top! New Look 6762, View E

This is not de’ja-vu.  I’m posting about New Look 6762 again, but View E this time for the top.  See, I left my favorite navy blue top at the coast and wanted to wear it to work tomorrow.  I had some fabulous navy blue jersey I got at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago in my stash, so I made myself a new top this morning.  (Seriously, how cool is that?!)New Look 6762As always, I dry iron the pattern pieces flat so the cutting lines measure as close to the designer’s original as possible.IMG_3326_new(1)I held up the pattern to myself and decided that I’d add 1-3/4″ to the length.  I’m tall and high waisted so I like a bit of length in my tops.  I cut the front and back pattern pieces on the lengthen/shorten line and then measured out a couple of extra paper pieces to add the additional length. IMG_3327_new(1)

When adding length, I don’t get all obsessive about cutting exactly on the lengthen/shorten lines but instead make sure that the printed line matches up with my drawn line on the paper.IMG_3328_new(1)If needed, I true-up the new cutting line with my designer’s curve.IMG_3332_new(1)I’m loving my new hardware-store-washer pattern weights!  I prefer to cut my fabric, especially knits, with a rotary cutter.  Some seamstresses freak out about a rotary cutter, but to me they are so much more accurate.  Sometimes with scissors, I get that jagged edge where the scissors were repositioned and I’m not comfortable with having to lift the fabric off the table to cut it.  Rotary cutting prevents that completely.IMG_3330_new(1)This was the first time I’d ever sewn a raglan sleeve.  It was kind of weird going in because the top of the sleeve blends in with the neckline vs. the shoulder like a regular set-in sleeve.  IMG_3333_new(1)The instructions to make this top only had 9 steps.  Nine!  It was so easy to put together.  Here it is finished on Betsy, my duct tape dress mannequin.  Betsy, as in Betsy McCall.  Making her was a hoot and her total cost was $12!  I’ll have to post about how she came to be some time.IMG_3334_new(1)I topstitched the sleeves, hem, and neckline with a double needle.  I see I’ve got some threads along the neckline I need to clean up.  There’s a little wonky rippling there on the neckline too.  Maybe it will lay down after it’s washed, but if I make this again, I’ll cut the neck band on the bias instead of the straight of grain like the pattern said.  Truthfully, I should have seen that one coming.  But it doesn’t bother me enough to take it apart and do it over.IMG_3337_new(1)  Here it is worn!IMG_3348_new(1)And I’m on my tippy toes so you can see the length. That look on my face is me trying not to fall over!  Ha!  All ready for work tomorrow!IMG_3350_new(1)

Palazzos! New Look 6762, View A

New Look 6762I don’t know about where you are, but where I am, these pants are all the rage.  Big, bigger, biggest, and comfy like wearing pajamas to work!  I love me some Palozzo Pants!  I actually stopped a couple of girls at work that were wearing them to study the design and pattern (that’s when you KNOW you are really a sewing obsessed dork!) and then I went straight to Hobby Lobby at lunch and I looked for patterns to work with in that design (I had that awesome 40% off coupon!)   I was wandering in the fabric aisles and OOOhhhh!  Look at THIS!  This Aztecan striped knit print is beyond Awesome!  I see it with my solid knit navy blue top.  The bolt was 60”, and I’m 69” so I figured 2 yards would be enough to make the pattern run vertically down my legs.  The lady at the cutting table said she liked the fabric but couldn’t think of what to do with it.  I showed her the pattern and explained the Palazzo Pant.  After cutting, instead of putting the bolt to the side to be returned to the shelf, she winked and put it behind the counter for herself saying her daughter would love some. Hobby Lobby Fabric

 Let me start by saying, if you don’t have a serger, DON’T even attempt this pattern with this particular fabric.  It was great to sew with, BUT!…The inner navy lining was stringy, it frayed, it balled, and was possessed with some kind of sticky.  Many times I was like my cat with a piece of tape on her paw (which is outrageously funny!).  And I cut it out using a rotary cutter.  I could have probably done it with scissors but I prefer to cut my fabric out as much as possible with rotary cutters.  New Look 6762

 This pattern is perfect if you’ve never sewn pants before – which truthfully, I never have successfully done.  These were my VERY FIRST completed pair!  And I’m very pleased with the result.  The only thing  I needed to do was lower the waist an inch.  And I cheated at that because I ended up rolling in the elastic waist one turn and securing with another zig zag stitch.  I eyeballed the leg hems too.  Seriously, I never took a single measure.  These went together so easily.  I did, however, use sticky notes pinned to each piece up near the waist that said “Front” and “Back” to make sure I didn’t sew front to front and back to back (been there; done that; many years ago and tossed it).IMG_3314


 I wore them to work on Casual Friday and a sewist co-worker said that if I hadn’t told her I had made them she would have sworn they were RTW.  Biggest compliment ever!  I will be making many, many more of these babies.IMG_3319