A New Top! New Look 6762, View E

This is not de’ja-vu.  I’m posting about New Look 6762 again, but View E this time for the top.  See, I left my favorite navy blue top at the coast and wanted to wear it to work tomorrow.  I had some fabulous navy blue jersey I got at Hancock Fabrics a few weeks ago in my stash, so I made myself a new top this morning.  (Seriously, how cool is that?!)New Look 6762As always, I dry iron the pattern pieces flat so the cutting lines measure as close to the designer’s original as possible.IMG_3326_new(1)I held up the pattern to myself and decided that I’d add 1-3/4″ to the length.  I’m tall and high waisted so I like a bit of length in my tops.  I cut the front and back pattern pieces on the lengthen/shorten line and then measured out a couple of extra paper pieces to add the additional length. IMG_3327_new(1)

When adding length, I don’t get all obsessive about cutting exactly on the lengthen/shorten lines but instead make sure that the printed line matches up with my drawn line on the paper.IMG_3328_new(1)If needed, I true-up the new cutting line with my designer’s curve.IMG_3332_new(1)I’m loving my new hardware-store-washer pattern weights!  I prefer to cut my fabric, especially knits, with a rotary cutter.  Some seamstresses freak out about a rotary cutter, but to me they are so much more accurate.  Sometimes with scissors, I get that jagged edge where the scissors were repositioned and I’m not comfortable with having to lift the fabric off the table to cut it.  Rotary cutting prevents that completely.IMG_3330_new(1)This was the first time I’d ever sewn a raglan sleeve.  It was kind of weird going in because the top of the sleeve blends in with the neckline vs. the shoulder like a regular set-in sleeve.  IMG_3333_new(1)The instructions to make this top only had 9 steps.  Nine!  It was so easy to put together.  Here it is finished on Betsy, my duct tape dress mannequin.  Betsy, as in Betsy McCall.  Making her was a hoot and her total cost was $12!  I’ll have to post about how she came to be some time.IMG_3334_new(1)I topstitched the sleeves, hem, and neckline with a double needle.  I see I’ve got some threads along the neckline I need to clean up.  There’s a little wonky rippling there on the neckline too.  Maybe it will lay down after it’s washed, but if I make this again, I’ll cut the neck band on the bias instead of the straight of grain like the pattern said.  Truthfully, I should have seen that one coming.  But it doesn’t bother me enough to take it apart and do it over.IMG_3337_new(1)  Here it is worn!IMG_3348_new(1)And I’m on my tippy toes so you can see the length. That look on my face is me trying not to fall over!  Ha!  All ready for work tomorrow!IMG_3350_new(1)

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