A Cute Curtain Solution to an Ugly Door

When hubs and I bought our little trailer down on the Texas Gulf Coast, it had some serious issues and required a total interior remodel. Believe me when I say this place has good bones.  You wouldn’t know it to look at it then. We literally gutted the place…new paint inside & out, new flooring, new cabinets, new tile, new plumbing, new kitchen and bathroom sinks, new, new, new.  We love coming down here now for the weekends and I can’t wait to get my grands here for a week in the summers when they get a little older.  Yep, I’m the proud owner of Texas Wheel-estate! HA  Beach anyone?

THENWP_20140504_13_52_18_Pro20140504135813 (3)

NOWWP_20150808_14_10_57_ProIn one of the extra bedrooms, the closet door had a big hole in it from some brain surgeon who probably punched it. It was shoulder height and was the size of a man’s fist. Rather than attempting to repair the door, I told hubs to just pitch it.WP_20150808_08_21_22_Pro

We have friends coming down next weekend who will be using that room, so I wanted to lose the ghetto look and dress up the door.  Nothing like company coming to make you get moving on unfinished projects. I found this super cute fabric at Hobby Lobby and decided it would make a nice curtain to hide the cleaning supplies and charcoal we keep in that closet. If you haven’t been to Hobby Lobby lately, they have REALLY upped their selection of fabrics – and quality fabrics at that.  I buy a lot of high-end quilting cottons at quilt stores and this fabric I bought is right up there with some of the best I’ve purchased before.WP_20150808_08_22_06_Pro

The door is 24” x 80” so a single width of fabric would work fine and I purchased 3 yards to make sure I had enough length for hem and the casing for the tension curtain rod I wanted to use. I folded in ½” on the sides and then folded in another 1 inch or so (I just eyeballed it) to hide the raw edge down both long edges.WP_20150808_08_31_26_Pro

Then I finished off the top of the curtain by doing the double fold again but this time I folded down the top about 4 inches and stitching it in place. Then I put another line of stitching about 1.5” down from the top to create the casing for the rod. I hung the curtain to determine the final length.WP_20150808_09_49_26_Pro

WP_20150808_09_49_48_ProOne thing I learned in one of my Craftsy videos, was to use washers from the hardware store as curtain or drapery weights. They make the drapery hang straighter and help to provide a nice drape to the fabric.

So I hopped on my little scooter and toodled over to the local hardware store to find some washers that would work. While I was there, I snagged some larger washers to use as pattern weights! .99 cents each! Score!WIN_20150808_105554

I used some of the extra fabric I cut off from the hem to create a little pouch for the weight and stitched the pouch to the inner portion of the hem so its invisible from the front.WP_20150808_10_01_33_Pro

Then I stitched the hem into place and was finished! TA-DAA! I think it looks great and I’m sooo happy with it! Goodbye Ghetto Closet!WP_20150808_002






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