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This is just a short post to remind sewers with computerized machines to be sure your machine has the most recent firmware or software updates.  If you have a machine made in the last 10 years (or more), it’s probably got a computer inside of it.  How do you know if it has a computer?  Well, if you screw up, it beeps at you!  HA  I would venture to guess that many of you just pulled the machine out of the box, read the set-up guide (if that) and got to it.  You should do this even if you bought your machine second or third-hand.  There’s no penalty from the manufacturer to re-register a machine you might have bought from a previously registered owner.

As a computer security geek by day, this is near and dear to my heart.  You should do this in case you haven’t been to the manufacturer’s website in awhile too just to make sure you have the most recent update to your machine or designer software that came with your machine.  Your sewing machine really is a computer and it requires the latest updates just like a laptop or your phone.  NOTE:  If you take your machine in for service regularly, your certified technician will make sure your machine has the most recent version of required software.  An off-brand machine repair technician may not.

If you haven’t registered your machine at the manufacturer’s website, you should.  They will make sure you receive important newsletters and firmware updates.  If you get a new laptop or upgrade your home computer’s operating system (Windows 7 to Windows 8 for example) you need to make sure that your sewing machine is ready to work with these files.  If anything, if you are robbed, your machine’s serial number will be logged with the manufacturer and you can go there to get the number and reclaim it from the local pawn shop.  Yes, I think like that…

What’s my inspiration for this post?  Hint:  There’s a reason I recently needed to access a manufacturer’s website for firmware updates.  🙂  Hmmm, whatever reason could that be???  A follow up post to let you know soon!

So dig out your owner’s manual, see how to do this, and be a good to your sewing machine!



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