Serger Tip Clips with Gail Yellen

One of the things I love about the sewing community is the willingness to share knowledge and tips with others who love the craft.  One day while watching a video from Joyful Expressions, she mentioned that her friend had told her about free serger videos on YouTube by Gail Yellen.  I was intrigued, because not only do I jump on any opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills, but I’m enrolled in one of Gail’s classes on Craftsy, 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know, and she’s an awesome instructor.

Here is the first of her tips clips.  They go from the very basic to using advanced specialty feet that cover ruffles and serging in elastic.

Gail has 19 videos out there now and I’ve binged-watched them all.  Her machine is a serger/cover stitch combo, but the techniques she describes and teaches apply to the machine that just a serger as well.

And check this out…In several of her videos, she encourages you to contact her by email to make suggestions for new videos.  So I did.  This morning I emailed her asking if she could do a Tip Clip on how to install a zipper with a serger and guess what?  SHE REPLIED!  She said she has added it to the list of future videos so I guess my suggestion made the cut!  Yay!  Also, in her email she encouraged me to share her Tip Clips with others and encourage them to subscribe to her channel.  So I am!  Here’s the link to her channel.  Please visit!  You’ll be happy you did!

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