Buying a Sewing Machine from Craig’s List or Facebook

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Pam Bulmann says:

    Hi Becky,

    Great information! I found my first long arm machine on CL and also my 10 needle embroidery machine. Had to drive a long way for the longarm (Pfaff 18.8) and then pray like heck that it worked because I had no way to test it. I lucked out on both machines. I’ve since sold my Pfaff 18.8 and replaced with a King Quilter/Butler like yours.

    I have a question about your King Quilter…. Mine is going back to SMP for the 3rd time. I’m afraid they are going to have trouble finding/fixing because the problem is so intermittent. It will be sewing along (with the robot) and all of a sudden I hear a little thud and the needle stops (fortunately lately it has stopped in the up position, in the past, it has stopped in the down position and ripped holes in quilts). Has yours given you any trouble like that? Scott (at SMP) had me take the bobbin and thread out and put it on manual and run it at 35% last time we talked, and after about 10 minutes of running, it stopped, so I know it is the machine and not the robot or stitch regulator, and not even a piece of thread getting caught somewhere. I quilt for other people, so I really need this working well. I’m wondering if I made a mistake with the King Quilter, or if I just happened to get a bad one.

    One other thing, you mentioned that it is legal to sell software (which I thought too), but both Brother and Floriani say on their web sites that their software is NOT transferable (is that even legal?). When I bought my 10 needle, I was able to talk Brother into transferring it all to my email. It took some talking and to several people, but they cooperated. There was a copy of Floriani Total Control with the stuff they sent with the machine (the $4200 program!), so I installed it on my laptop, it let me install, then when I went to install it on my 2nd computer, it wouldn’t, saying I had reached the limit of installs (original owner must have installed once). I called Floriani, and explained that the lady who purchased it had died and I bought it from her estate. They said TOUGH LUCK FOR YOU! You should have checked our website before you spent your money! I won’t be buying any of their software again! For the price of their stuff, they should be a little more cooperative!

    Pam Bulmann Oregon

    On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM Power Tools with Thread wrote:

    > Power Tools With Thread posted: ” I’ve purchased two of my machines from > Craig’s List. Craig’s List (CL) or a Facebook (FB) Neighborhood for Sale > page are great resources for finding used sewing and embroidery machines so > I highly encourage you to utilize those if you’re in the market f” >

    • Hi Pam, sorry to be just getting back to you on this. The king quilter that is on my frame is not the original one that I purchased because the one that arrived 1st had the same stopping issue that yours had. I had purchased this brand new from sewing machines plus and so I spoke to Scott many many many times and he eventually had me send that machine back and sent me another machine. So far so good with this one. Every once in a while it will stop and I have to use the hand wheel to unlock it. But other than that I have not had any problems. That’s too bad about floriani because you are right, for as much as they charge they should be more accommodating. I hope that sewing machines plus has taken good care of you.

  2. says:

    Hey Becky,
    Love your You Tube channel! I’m learning tons! I’m following along on your Trupunto Seashell embroidery along and enjoying it very much. Perfect learning tool. I have a Brother Luminaire & a Scan’NCut and your videos have helped tremendously!

    I haven’t had any luck with the link to DIME for the 2 year for the price of one subscription. Would it be possible for you to send me the link? I’m not real tech savvy, but I’m thinking that I’d really enjoy that magazine!

    Anyhoo. You’re a doll and thanks for your can do attitude!

    Take care,
    Susan Haberman from Wake Forest, NC

    • The link I could send you would be the same as what’s in my videos and blog. Maybe you can use another browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Once you get past the http:// website, it takes you to an https:// website which is secure. I’m going to mention this to DIME to get them to fix it. As a cybersecurity professional, it is unacceptable.

  3. Great post — lots of good info!

    • Bette Dolaher says:

      Hi, enjoy you videos. I have bought about 4 machines on ebay and I like your tips. One thing some embroid machines some use the term “dongle” for the software install.

  4. kjtup says:

    Hi Becky! Love ur videos on YouTube but this is first time on your blog! I love your positive and full of life attitude! It makes me happy and smiling just to hear your greeting! If you have any naysayers on social media don’t take it personally! I love that you do things that work for you as that’s what we all need to do! We all make mistakes and no one is perfect and that’s how we learn! Hang in there as most all of us LOVE you! ((P.S. I used to work in IT too!). kjtup

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