#DIME Trapunto Seashell Table Runner is Finished!

I’ve finished the table runner! Yay! #DesignsInMachineEmbroidery has offered a free table runner project and you can get the directions and a link to download the files on my previous post here. Also, those free design files are only good through Dec 31, 2019 so if you think you might want to make this later, be sure to download them from the Ameliescott website now.

Trapunto Seashell Table Runner
Designs In Machine Embroidery Trapunto Seashell Table Runner

I made the last two how-to videos today and unfortunately, before I finished, my camera battery ran out. Dang! Typical… I’ll be editing them and getting them up this week.

Anyhoo…Once I figured out how to use the scan camera in my Brother Quattro (upgrade Kit 1), life became fun, and happy, and full of rainbows! πŸ™‚ So much so, that I was disappointed when the time came to say goodnight to my machine. That nifty little feature allowed me to perfectly place the quilt stitching in the background fabric around the shell and also place the stitching in the accent fabric. I can “see” the stitching on the screen by using the scanned image that the camera picked up. I’m in a silly kind of heaven I never knew existed!

I finished the runner with My Favorite Machine Binding Method using a Kona Silver I got from an MSQC Daily Deal that was hanging around in my stash. However, unlike that blog post, I no longer need or use the Steam-a-Seam due to my Brother PQ1500SL which upped my binding game much to my surprise. The 1/4″ foot on that machine does away with the need for pins, clips, or SAS. I love it!

Oh, one more thing… Offer ends July 31, 2019 to get two years of #DesignsInMachineEmbroidery magazine for the price of one for less than $20! Use this link. http://www.dzgns.com/magazine/bt142/ If your Apple Safari browser won’t let you through, use Chrome or Firefox or the Samsung browser if you have an Android device. When you get to the point of actually ordering, it switches to https so it is secure.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope during the course of this project you learned to overcome your fear and the mystique of your embroidery machine! If you have joined along in our table runner journey, please upload your finished table runners to Instagram and use the hashtag #trapuntoseashelltablerunner

See you on YouTube soon!

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  1. Kris says:


  2. Sandra Dimino says:

    Love your table runner….I’m finally starting the seashell squares. The directions don’t mention how to trim the squares…1/4″ from tackdown stitch or 1/2″. I will look for your video…

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hi Becky, I completed my runner and am so very proud of myself. I took it to my quilt shop today to show them and they were impressed! I am so encouraged now that I embroidered two t shirts today and they came out perfectly. Thank you for getting me over my fear of my machine. I am ready to embroider everything now!!!

  4. Sandra Dimino says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Trapunto table runner tutorials. I am finally finished and am very pleased….it’s so pretty. If you could dialog with the digitizer I feel that the satin stitches on the bottom right hand side of the shell could be a tad wider, bits of the batting show thru no matter how much I trim. Otherwise it was great practice for a newbie quilter and embroiderer.

    • That is WONDERFUL!! I’m so proud of you for taking on this project! Hopefully now you will be able to do more and more and embroidery designs using your machine. That is a good comment for the digitizer and I will be sure to pass that on. Great job!!

  5. alma Tubens says:

    I downloaded the pattern and have not done it yet.
    I have a question Has nothing to do with sewing I know that you are doing Keto Diet but what or how much salad can you eat. Trying today to make mac and cheese with cauliflower. What is that I’m PuertoRican. We eat Rice, Beans Meat and Flan all the good stuff. Again tried to send message I’m this is the only way I could send you this message I watch power tools with thread.com that’s my blog. Love it .I am from the space coast in Titusville, Fl
    Again sorry

    • Email me at powertoolswiththread@outlook.com and I’ll be happy to correspond with you about it! 😊😊

    • Marillyn Wale says:

      Hi Becci, thank you so much for your you tube videos and down loads of the sea shells. Thank you twice. Once for bringing my attention to the fact that my copy of DIME magazine had not arrived. I live in the Uk and I receive my copy later than you guys in the US. (It’s now on its way, I believe!!)
      And secondly for walking me through the process of using my scanner on my XV.
      Thanks once again, love you chats.

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