Simplicity 8794 #widelegpantchallenge

Have you all heard about Joy Bernhardt’s Wide Leg Pant Challenge? She decided to challenge us all to make up some wide leg pants to get us sewing and because they are SOOOO easy!

I used Simplicity 8794. The pattern for the pants is literally 3 pieces. Front, back, and POCKET! Love me some pockets!

The elastic I used is a 1.5″ wide super soft elastic that I got from Louise Cutting’s website (based on a recommendation from Joy). I trimmed it down to 1.25″. This stuff is amazing and so easy to sew through.

I used 3 machines in this make: 1) the serger for the inner and outer leg seams; 2) the standard sewing machine for the hem; and 3) the coverstitch for the waistband. I think a coverstitch machine makes for such a pretty look on the outside over an elastic waist band. I used Steam-A-Seam for the hem before stitching the single hem stitch at a 4.0.

The fabric is a luscious stretch crepe. It’s heavy and flowy and has a beautiful hand. Sorry, I can’t recall where I got it and it’s not in any of my regular online ordering history so maybe…probably…Joann’s?

I get my labels at Dutch Label Shop. I love this!

These will be worn a lot! I need a shorter top to wear with them though. I would also go down a size. My hips measure 44 so that’s a size 20 out of the package but I probably could wear my standard pattern size of 18.

OK, time to post on Instagram! If you’re doing this, be sure to tag them (use the pound sign! lol) #widelegpantchallenge (and that’s “pant” singular)

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  1. Linda armstrong says:

    You look so nice !!! You did a great job as always.🥰

  2. ~Joy~ says:

    Hi Becky! Those are awesome … a real classic you’ll wear over and over for dressier events for years. LOVE them. And guess what: you saved $650!! Can you believe it? It’s so crazy, how certain “names” can charge a stratospheric amount of money. Whew~!

    Really enjoy your vlog, first time commenting here. Take care, keep cool, God bless.–c-_-NAP_US_PLA-_-NAP_US_BS_Designer_Class_Clothing_BT–Clothing%20-%20Pants-_-_e_pla-4575686360821575_AM&gclid=CMbTt6Xg2OMCFfWOxQIddccCow&gclsrc=ds

  3. norcalquilter says:

    Hi Becky, I’m new to your audience and love your blogs and youtube videos. I always learn something from you. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of you.

  4. Susan Salas says:

    Love both pieces and you look great in them

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