Villa Rosa Designs “Liberty” Quilt Along

We will have a quilt along starting April 5, 2021 using the Liberty pattern from Villa Rosa Designs. This will be a great “beginner” quilt to learn how to use color to create the stars in the field of blue. I’ll be doing a video a day for the entire week and you’ll have homework each night to be ready for the next step. Day #1 will be cutting and we’ll go from there the following day. Don’t have time? Don’t worry. The videos will be on YouTube and you can go back and watch them at your convenience as many times as you’d like. Don’t feel pressured. You can do this at your own pace. Have fun with it!

Here is a link to both the hard copy and digital pattern from #VillaRosaDesigns. LIBERTY QUILT PATTERN

I recommend that to follow along with the pieces I will be talking about in my videos, you use the PDF below and letter all your fabric pieces with either Alphabitties or some other method (a Post-it Note will work just as well). The PDF below has the Letter designations that correspond to each piece.

This will be a quilt-along at your own pace using the Liberty Pattern by Villa Rosa Designs. You can view the entire video series using the Liberty Quilt Along playlist on my YouTube channel.

PATTERN: (Source your own fabrics). Kits below include the pattern.

1. Support a Texas quilt shop! Liberty Quilt Kit (
2. Kits are now available in 3 different fabric types: Lori Holt, Riley Blake or Kimberbell! These kits include the pattern.

Here’s a good rotary cutter. This is the one I use:
Here is a good cutting mat.
Here are my rulers:
– 8.5″x24″ –
– 6″x10″ –
– 2.5″x8″ –

Here is the PDF of the instructions. You will need to purchase the pattern from the link above in order to know the correct sizes of each cut piece.

Use this download to follow along with my pieces using Alphabitties.

Also, I’ve noted in the PDF, if you will be hanging the quilt vertically (lengthwise), to follow proper US Flag etiquette, you’ll need to sew the long red/white strips to the other side of the field of blue as shown below. That’s how I will be doing mine and I’ll show you how if you want to do it that way.

Here are the links to the videos from this sew-along. It’s not too late to make your own beautiful flag quilt!

DAY 1 – Prep & Cut Fabric:
DAY 2 – Creating the Star Points:
DAY 3 – Stitching the Field of Blue:
DAY 4 – Sewing Stripes & Finish!:

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Marilyn Morgan says:

    I’ve bought and downloaded the pattern – have most if my fabric – looking forward to this “retreat “. Thanks Becky!

  2. Jan says:

    Just got my pattern and pretty sure I have enough fabric to make it! Going to enjoy this project! Hope I can keep up with you! Lol!

    • Bert says:

      Just discovered you yesterday. I would love to do this sew along. Ordering pattern and checking my fabric.

  3. Kay Scruggs says:

    I have ordered my pattern. Have my fabric

  4. Jody Mason says:

    My first quilt a long and I am very excited! Already have my pattern printed out (ordered digital) and have fabrics coming to add to my stash. Will be doing what I can with my Accuquilt so if anyone else is doing this please let me know. Did I mention that I am excited!?!?

  5. Corkyjo says:

    Ordered pattern and fabric. This will be my first ever quilt so I’m a little nervous about whether I can do it or not, but you’re a great teacher so hopefully I can follow along.

  6. Darlene Rice says:

    Have my pattern and my blue and red fabric. (Still looking for my whites). 😊. So, excited for this sew along!

  7. Brenda Tomlinson says:

    I have everything ready and looking forward to all the new thing you teach us. Love your videos

  8. Linsley Srygley says:

    I cannot wait to begin! It is soooo cute

  9. Sandra Marron says:

    Looking forward to more sewing!! will begin the search for my fabric! Thank you for all the tips and information you so readily share.. greatly appreciated.. I have been sewing for 60 years. and still manage to learn new things.

  10. Joan J. Ivy says:

    This might be just what I need to kick start my mojo after all that snow!! Looks like fun!

  11. Judy Warren says:

    I want to do this! My husband is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and I would love to display it correctly in the vertical position!!! Thanks!

  12. Jean Cornelius says:

    I love this quilt!! I agree with Joan, this may be what I need to get my mojo back!
    Looking forward to laughing and learning! I love your videos!!

  13. Penny says:

    I’m going to quilt-along! Thanks in advance for the fun. 🙂

  14. Brenda Burnett says:

    I’ve just found you on YouTube. I’m going to sew along. Thank you

  15. Marcia L Wentela says:

    Just bought the pattern. As a fellow veteran, I’m excited to participate in this event with you, even though I’m not new to quilting. Sometimes it’s just fun to do a quilt along so it doesn’t end up as a UFO! 🙂

  16. Mel says:

    Got my pattern and red and blue. Going to use white from my stash. Not a beginner but not an expert. Looking forward to the fun.

  17. Teresa says:

    Ordered the digital design. Looking through my fabric stash first before I purchase more fabric.

  18. Lee Ann Poole says:

    Becky I ordered the fabric and pattern kit from Two Chicks Quilting and hopefully will get it in time to start the Liberty quilt along with you when you begin. I love your videos!

  19. JOANIE T says:

    Hi Becky! Thanks for showing the right way to orient the flag for a vertical display. Just finished my current
    quilt, fingered crossed, it’s in the washer right now. Baby quilts must survive washing! Anyway, getting charged up to start on Liberty. Love your videos!

  20. Diane Mercer says:

    I’m looking forward to working on the Liberty quilt, pattern on my sewing table & gather my fabrics today. Yehaw!

  21. Lois Miller says:

    Lois M says:
    Think I am behind already. Failed to send comment. Have everything together, fabric- pattern set on go, hope I can keep up.

  22. Debi Chipps says:

    Looking forward to this sew along 🙂

  23. Debi Kompier says:

    I’m looking forward to joining you. I’ve ordered my fabric and pattern. They said they were on the way so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they get here in time.

  24. Marlene Shafer says:

    Hi Becky
    I was looking forward to sew along with you on this flag quilt. I ordered my pattern and got my fat quarters from Villa Rosa Designs.
    Sorry to say I was quite disappointed on the fabric that they sent me. I received a lot of white background fabric with big ugly red and blue roses. Also, instead of white I got three fat quarters with a cream color background. I guess next time I should know better to pick out my own fabric. But the fabric that they showed by the three different designers looked pretty good and looked like I would enjoy using them in this quilt.

  25. scrapper50 says:

    I just purchased the pattern! I am so excited! I am very patriotic. I live off- post Ft. Campbell KY. (Tennessee side). Husband, Dad, FIL, BIL’s Uncles and so on….. all military and some Vietnam vets. I’m a newer quilter, so I’m really looking forward to this. Thanks Becky. I love your instruction.
    Charlotte Sayles

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