Let’s Get Ready for Kimberbell’s Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe!

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

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  1. Dyane says:

    Great information Becky! Excited to get started! Thank you for everything! 💜

  2. Becky Blackburn says:

    Is the brand of thread Kimberbell uses in the embroidery book?

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks Becky. I am not doing the candy corn quilt, but will watch your videos for helpful hints on other projects I have lined up.

  4. Patty Brenner says:

    Oooh, I wish I could do this one, but the budget won’t really allow for it this year. I’ll be watching and enjoying vicariously for sure! I have a previous Kimberbell Halloween design (Boo-levard I think?) – one great suggestion I heard from someone sewing it was to buy dry erase pocket sleeves to organize projects. I bought a 30 pack of multicolored ones and they have been SO useful for a lot of projects.

  5. Gloria Balderas-Gonzalez says:

    Great info, Becky! I have all the fabric and cd. Ready to follow along as time permits. Thank you for all you do!💕

  6. SG McDonald says:

    Thanks for the details and all the info…Have a blessed week…

  7. Katie says:

    Hi Becky – Great idea of your response to frequent questions! My question is about using SNC for the SVG files Kimberbell provides. Do we need to make them a mm or two bigger or does the SVG as provided cut to the correct size? Thanks!

  8. Hi Katie! Yes, I’ll be tapping the + sign twice on all my svg cuttings. Test first! But that has been the norm. I’m glad you asked this question – I’m going to edit the post to add that in. So happy you’re sewing along!

  9. Dona says:

    I’m preordered my kit awhile ago so I hope it has arrived in Australia and will be ready to ship in time to work with you, Becky!

  10. Margie Nell says:

    Thank you Becky… I have a new ScanNCut… I will be using that to cut out the embroidered shapes! Scared and Excited!

  11. Sandi Silvestri says:

    Becky, do we need to put the fusible woven on the back of the border strips as well, or just on the fabrics that make up the blocks? Thanks

  12. Barbara Esselstein says:

    I have used pellon sf 101 on the back of all my fabric. I want to use the kimberbell background quilting designs. Do I follow the cutting instructions in the book or do I add 1/2” more to every piece? I understand the batting needs to be SMALLER than the fabric. I am confused!

  13. Robin Phillips says:

    Thanks Becky for sharing your knowledge with us on YouTube. I enjoy watching every one of them. The candy corn quilt is beautiful. I hope I win the gift box. Thanks again.

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