Embrilliance 10% Off Coupon Code thru March 19!

March into Spring with a 10% Savings!

Have you been thinking about trying Embrilliance or you’ve been toying with getting another module? Now’s the time! Get 10% off all Embrilliance software with coupon code MarchIn23 through March 19, 2023.

Why do you want Embrilliance? Let me count the ways!

  1. SUPER easy to use!
  2. FREE how-to’s from Yours Truly!
  3. The software license is sold to you vs. for your computer. You can install a single license of Embrilliance software on as many computers as you like FOREVER. AT THE SAME TIME!
  4. Updates are FREE!
  5. No dongle – No pesky USB to put into your computer.
  6. In the infamous words of Liberty Mutual Insurance, “Only Pay for What You Need”. If you’re not a digitizer, then just get the basics and don’t pay for digitizing software.

Not sure where to start? If you’re a beginner, start with Embrilliance Essentials and Thumbnailer. Then you can customize Quilt Labels and Birth Announcements from Designs by JuJu.

Are you following me on the Lori Holt Calico Garden Quilt? You’ll need Stitch Artist 2 to convert those .fcm files from the ScanNCut in embroidery designs.

I hope you can join me with my love of Embrilliance software!

Power Tools With Thread

Sewing nerd who is absolutely determined to perfect this insanely fun hobby.

8 Responses

  1. Kathryn Jane McKeever says:

    I have been happily watching your videos on YouTube for some time. I have finally been able to purchase a standalone embroidery machine – a Janome 550e and am learning how to use it and hope to get started with applique soon. I have had a scan n cut for some time and am finally feeling confident using it to cut out fabric. I seem to recall on one of your earlier videos that you mentioned we could download a free copy of Simply Appliquê. When I search for a download link to the software, I get a “locate dealer” message, but no link.

    Although I’m long since retired and on a fixed income, I have saved enough money to purchase Embrilliance Stitch Artist Ii and I’m hoping to be able to use it, Simply Appliquê and the Scan N Cut DX to make some awesome appliquéd quilt projects.

    Please help me locate the link where I can download a free version of Simply Appliquê. You are a wonderful inspiration to me and I know you will be a great help to me as I continue to enjoy your YouTube video projects!

    By the way, Thank You For Your Service in the Air Force. ♥️😎

    Kathryn Jane McKeever

    • Great news! Since you already have Stitch Artist 2, you don’t need Simply Applique. 🙂 Simply Applique is the less expensive of the software that does this, but Stitch Artist 2 is a far superior software so in the end, I believe you got the best deal.
      You’re on your way!

      Here’s a video where I show how to use the Stitch Artist 2.

  2. Shirley says:

    I just ordered Embrillance and thumbnailer yesterday 1 the day before I got coupon code, any way thy will honor it now.

  3. Betty Atnip says:

    Hello, I’m headed to Ken’s sewing center this Friday to purchase an embroidery machine I’m looking at a brothers NQ1600 I think that right it has bse software that communicates with my Scan And Cut 325 am I still need an embrilliance yes?

  4. nannygayle2 says:

    I wish I could get my Embrilliance to work that I already on! I had to have my computer worked on and my program has not worked since. I have tried everything I know but it will not let me go.

  5. lindaginnv says:

    I purchased Simply Applique 3 or 4 months ago, but now I see you are recommending Stitch Artist 2 as a better product. I have other software for basic editing, so now I’m thinking I never should have bought Simply Applique. I was at the website for Embrilliance, and it looks like each product does different things. Should I buy Ebrilliance Enthusiast and Stitch Artist 2? I love your videos and just saw your presentation today on long arm quilt binding – and I don’t even have a long arm!! (smile)


    • lindaginnv says:

      I should have included that my main interest is in Lori Holt and other ‘paper based applique. I have a Scan and Cut SDX325 and a Viking Epic2 sewing machine.

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