Video Tutorial! Quilt Piecing Tips for Perfect Triangle Points

A viewer emailed me to ask if she should buy some software to help her piece-in-the-hoop to help her make Lori Holt’s Calico Garden Calico Star Blocks. Since I’ve never used the software she mentioned, I told her I couldn’t give any good advice on that, but suggested she learn to piece the traditional way. I promised her I’d put a video out on it and here it is.

I know there are many ways to do this, but these are the techniques and methods I use to piece my blocks in a quilt. I’ve never had any professional quilting classes on this but learned it by the old “trial and error” method (mostly error) and then reached into my Garment Sewing background bag of tricks to figure out the secret. So now, when I do any type of Sew & Flip, Snowballs, or Flying Geese, these are the concepts I use to help me get them right. The concepts in this video work throughout any type of straight quilt piecing patterns. I hope it’s helpful!

Please comment if you have any tips too!

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  1. Kathy Clayton says:

    I had trouble with “stitch and flip” corners and just hated doing them. It seemed that no matter what I did, they never came out straight. And then one day I thought about moving my seam line just the tiniest bit over so that the side that I folded over would be every so slightly bigger and it was the “dawning” of a new age in my piecing. I no longer hate the stitching those corner pieces because they turn out perfect every single time. Your teaching is spot on! I too was a clothing sewist first before I was a quilter and had to learn about the amount of fabric that the seam itself takes up and allow for it. It’s the same in quilt piecing. YAY! Sometimes it just falls into place when you aren’t expecting it! That’s also how I learned about “nesting” your seams. I had never been told because I had never taken a class where I was told about nesting seams, prior to piecing my first quilt. I could not get those seams to line up and I just kept trying over and over, (wearing holes in the fabrics) and finally realized that if one side went one way and the other side went the other way, and there was no space between the two, they made a perfect corner coming together on the front. I had no idea it was called nesting, I just knew it worked! The light bulb went off in my head! A HA! Thanks for your lesson in perfect piecing! So awesome, Becky!

  2. Angela W says:

    This made so much sense. Some people say sew a thread stitch away from drawn line and this video made more sense in my brain 🤣
    I was always using my seam ripper on stitch and flip corners, hopefully this will help me now.
    Thanks for all the great tutorials!

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